How Do You Get Started With an IPOD?

My dad got one for Christmas, and none of us are very computer/tech savvy. Is there an easy way to get started? It's an apple IPOD if that makes any difference.....


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    first of all, all ipods are manufactured by apple, i have a nano.

    the first thing to do is go to you can install itunes onto your computer from there.

    you should have also gotten a USB cable with the ipod.

    if your ipod is a fist generation shuffle (the bigger shuffles) then there should be a USB drive at one end (see picture)

    if you have a shuffle like this, then you can directly plug the USB drive to the USB port onto your computer, the port looks something like this:

    otherwise, you would have gotten a USB cable:

    plug the wider USB drive to the ipod and the narrower one to your computer to a USB port (mentioned above).

    after youve done this, a wizard should pop up on the computer screen and a "do not dissconect" screen should pop up on the ipod (unless it is a shuffle).

    follow the wizard on the computer , then click on the itunes icon on your desktop (it should have appeared when you installed the itunes). from there, you need to create an itunes account. then register your ipod.

    now, you can download music by clicking on the song/video you want, the computer transfers them to the ipod automatically. then, after you are done, there is an eject button next to the link that says __(file name)__ ipod (it dosent really say "filename", what is in that space depends on which file it loads to, but it does say ipod). click on the eject button next to that link, the "dont disconnect" screen on the ipod should go back to normal and then you can disconnect the ipod from the computer to enjoy your music. you can also automatically charge the ipod by connecting it to your computer at anytime.

    note: there is also a space near the top right of the itunes window that shows how much money you have left on your account.

    if you have anymore questions, you could always refer to the instruction manual you get with the ipod.

    hope this helps, good luck with you ipod (the screens are fragile, be careful with them)

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    I got a Video Ipod for Christmas if you didn't get a video I don't know if the instructions are different are not, but these are big mistakes I made.

    First before you connect your Ipod to your computer install the CD that comes in the package.

    Let your Ipod charge for about four hours. I didn't and my battery life doesn't last long.

    Read the manual. I didn't and I regret it because I thought I knew what I was doing because I had a mp3 prior to owning the Ipod, but in reality I was doing everything wrong.

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    There is a Quick Start guide that will get you started. It should have come with the i-pod. The first thing to do is follow the directions on charging the unit. Then install the software. It should be fairly easy from there. NOTE: If your computer is Windows based make sure the i-pod is pugged directly into a USB port on the computer and not through a hub

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    it can be a bit confusing when you get your new ipod. first read the manual so you get a better understanding of the ipod. second take the cd that came with the ipod and put that in your computer to download itunes. if your ipod didnt come with a cd go to to download itunes. once itunes is downloaded start it and plug in your ipod with the cord to the usb socket on your computer. once there this thing should pop up to register your ipod and some other things will pop up. do what they say. once that is done, your ipod will be shown with your name in itunes. then you can hook up a credit card or an itunes card to your account to buy music off of itunes(im not entirely sure how to do that but its through the music store somewhere) then you can download music and it will automatically go to your ipod. you can use bearshare to get music on your ipod free but i wouldnt try that until you get a better understanding about how the ipod and itunes work

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    okay, first you have to install the software on your computer. The software should have been in the box when you got the ipod. When you are done installing the software, get limewire from the internet. Then open itunes and limewire. Once they are open, go to limewire and download songs you want. Then you can put them into your itunes account. Once the songs are in your itunes account, you can plug your ipod into your computer and the songs will go into your ipod. Hope this helps!

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    first you take it out of the wrapper ( ok that wasnt called for) You need to load the software and fill in the required info to register and set up a sight with iTunes. You can either pruchase music through iTunes or you can choose a free system like limewire, morpheus or bearshare. Just do a search for songs you like and want and download them or you can take songs off a cd and put them onto your ipod. Good luck and have fun

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    FIRST, you have to download itunes 7 from -its free. then charge you ipod by pluging it in the computer for like, 3 hours. then get any cd that you like and let it import the songs into the library. from the library, drag the songs of your choice into the playlist of your choice. then unplug the ipod and plug it back in again so it can upload the songs. Good luck =]

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    first you have to load the CD it came with, next go to you can download all of your music for free! (make sure you pick the basic package) after all the downloads are done, open up limewire and itunes, (also plug in your ipod)... when your done downloading them, click on it once (turn it blue) then click again and hold it you will notice a black stop sign symbol that's a good thing. drag it all the way to itunes (once u drag it onto itunes, itunes should pop up) look for either your library of ipod and drop it in...your ipod will then say downloading into...etc... hope this helps have fun!

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    Well, I got an iPod for Christmas too, and the instructions booklet said to go to this website:

    That installs iTunes. If you are having problems with other aspects of your iPod, then go to this website:

    In the top right corner, there is an option to read the manuals of several types of iPod, and to read the new user guidelines. Hope that helps!

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    um well read the instructions install the i tunes onto ur computer then get ur cds and stuff and load the songs u want onto the itunes then u plug in ur ipod and it adds all that music and charges ur ipod at the same time it duznt take a genius to figure it out

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