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Jessie asked in Family & RelationshipsFriends · 1 decade ago

Can a landlord forbid you from having friends over?

I swear, I live upstairs from the homeowner from HELL. I don't throw loud parties, and no one is ever over past 11pm.

... yet this woman is having "issues" with me having friends over (she seems to forget that I live with my boyfriend, and that these are also HIS friends).

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  • lex
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    1 decade ago
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    she cannot object to any normal behavior and having friends to visit is classed as normal,,if however these friends are say,,drug users,,cause a commotion when leaving,,disturb your other neighbors,,have loud cars,,bring pets and other unreasonable things,make a general nuisance of themselves,she can say what she likes and at the end of the day it is her house.check your tenancy for clauses and if there are none you are entitled to reasonable residence but be warned,,private tenants can just as easily argue as find themselves with an eviction notice.go up and ask whether or not your friends have offended her as you were needing to know who has upset her,so you can sort them out,make her tell you the problem while seemingly co-operating with her requests,,she may have reasons and you dont want to lose your home over a mistake,you dont have to argue to be sneaky and if your point comes with a smile she cant accuse you of trying to be unreasonable,,after all,,if someone has done something while at your home,,,you wont have your neighbors upset by any of your guests and she need not worry,,you will sort out whoever has done something,,,,,,smiley smiley

  • nerte
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    4 years ago

    that's the place your condominium agreeement comes into play. Get it out, study it thoroughly. incredibly, your chum could desire to be seen "sub leasing" the condo for that one month in September, till he gets there in October. If the hire would not enable any tpe of subleasing, then that could desire to be a topic or grounds for the owner to *****. yet as much as now as no longer allowing acquaintances to visit, i'm taking visit to intend in simple terms that, visit. no longer staying for a protracted quantity of time. a pair weeks could desire to be seen living there. So if all 3 of you have a pair acquaintances stay "a pair of weeks" then you definately might have over six human beings in an condo for a pair weeks or greater. See the way it may without notice grow to be a "village" interior your condo? And endure in innovations, in the journey that your landlord presses the difficulty, it truly is going to likely be a decide which will confirm. And an condo, suited for 3 human beings, who now have over six human beings staying for over 2 weeks at a pop, who do you think of he will rule in want of? i might think of the owner, wouldnt you? All those human beings do run the utlilities up dude. that's costing them funds for further utilties, plus the wear and tear on the condo is lots greater for 6 human beings than 3. Use your innovations here dude. Your landlord does have reason to agonize and *****.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Read your contract. If it states in contract no friends after a certain time, then you must abide by the contract. If it does not have anything in the contract regarding company,, then have your company over, but show respect for landlord/neighbor and do not get overly loud.

  • 1 decade ago

    I guess so, I lived in a dorm before and my friends were not allowed to stay for long, max was for 2 hours then they had to go. It depends on the terms and conditions your landlord has before you moved.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i dont think a landlord can forbid you on having anyone over...but then again, my roommate moved out cus she didnt like my if i were you i would try to find a new place soon.

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