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how to hook up my subwoofer to my stereo in my 98 ford explorer?

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    1 decade ago
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    You will need to...

    Run a power wire of the correct guage from the battery with a fuse no more than 18" from the battery to the amp. The fuse should be a total of the fuse rating on the amp.

    Run a wire from the ignition ACC to another switch to the REM (remote) connection on the amp. This allows for full control and you never have to worry about forgetting to turn off the amp. The switch is so you can turn off the amp at will so as not to give grandma a heart attack in the truck.

    The ground should be the same size as the power wire and securely grounded to the chassis of the truck.

    You can use a "line level converter" tapped from the speaker out of the head unit if you don't have an after market HU. If you do, run RCA from the output to the back to the amp.

    Something to consider...this is an example...

    To calculate the current draw of an amplifier, multiply the number of channels by the RMS watts per channel (a 2 channel amp rated at 2000 watts RMS per channel would be 4000 watts). Double it to account for amplifier inefficiency (4000 watts X 2 = 8000 watts), then divide by the average output voltage of an alternator, 13.8 volts (8000 divided by 13.8 = 579 amps). Since the average music signal requires about 1/3rd of the average power in a test tone, divide by 3 (579 amps divided by 3 = 193 amps).

    This is an average approximation of current draw and can go higher. So I would gather between 194 and 289 amperes for this system.

    The alternator of a:

    compact car is about 35 amps

    mid-sized car is about 65-75 amps

    SUV is about 145 amps

    Calculate 40% of the amperes of the alternator you have now. This is the average current the car uses when running. Add this number to the approximate average current draw of the amps, and you will come up with the actual size of alternator you need.

    If the number you come up with is the same as what your alternator supplies, you need to take no action.

    Source(s): 25 year electronics technician, audio guru
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  • 4 years ago

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