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Will I be accepted to Stanford with the following?

I speak French fluently and I am the first person in my family to go to college. I have a weighted GPA of 4.12 academic GPA 3.7 . By the end of my senior I would have taken 13 exams passing 7 exams. I was the president of the French club and this year I am the president of the European Club. I played in the advanced Jazz band my junior year only because it was difficult( I played the piano). I took two other foreign languages at school. spanish 1-2,3-4,AP Language, this year AP Span lit.(only non-native in class), also took german 7-8 got a B both semesters(studied a lot over the summer). Language and music are my hobbies. However I was not in sports. I have a lot SAT of 1630 and ACT composite 23. I did 50 hours community service. Volunteered 150 hours as teacher's aide and outside work. I also went to Long Beach City college in the summer of my sophmore year to take Intermediate Algebra and Spanish 3. As a result I am in AP Span Lit and AP Calc this year. So will I be accepted ?


I also worked as a freshman at my dad's restaurant on weekends. Working 15 hours a week. I worked 7 months as bus boy and 3 months as pantry chef

Update 2:

AP: I took AP World History 3, AP Us History 3, AP Physics B 4, AP Chemistry 5, AP Biology 3, AP French Language 4, AP Spanish Language 3, AP Spanish Lit 3.

I did not pass English lang. 2, French lit. 1, biology(2) first time, spanish(2) first time

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You would be considered I would think, your ACT score is a bit low, but thats not all they look at, and your SAT score is good.

    Seems that you have a really good background and work/study ethic so I wouldn't worry too much if you for some reason don't get into Stanford, there are plenty schools who would love to have you and probably give you much better scholarships and the same level of education.

    My advice at this pt: take the ACT again =) It's by no means a bad score, but I'd try it again just to see anyway =P. Also, apply to several schools - at least 5-10 go on visits to a couple before you make a final decision. Don't decide just because of the bragging rights =)

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    1 decade ago

    Don't apply to lots of colleges. Just the ones you would enjoy going to. If that happens to be 10, fine, but don't think you're not going to get into college if you don't apply to 10. I applied to one (UC Davis) and was accepted, and I'm happy. Applying to that many overloads the application system and makes people think that it's difficult to get into college.

    Your academics seem very good, I don't know if Stanford has a personal essay/interview, but be sure to do well on those if/when they come.

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