This is my journal for today. It's ok if you read..?

you can also react.

From now on I'll make something like this to have a feeling that I'm not just keeping this burden in me...


I went to James' house but I was late. He was already halfway through all the dishes we're supposed to prepare. We watched a movie and played xbox for about an hour. This feeling is killing me. What do those stares mean? Is it the way he usually look at other people? Or just to me? This has been going on even before we hang out. Why does he have to always look back when I look at him? Is it coincidence? I have a feeling he somehow has a clue of what I feel. I'm afraid to talk to him. What if I'm wrong? What if he hates me for it? Should I just keep this so our friendship will last? I'm planning to write him a letter on our graduation. Come what may... If it doesnt turn out right, I hope when I go to college I'll meet someone that'll make me forget him.

I'll sleep now. Bye. Till tomorrow

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    I like your writing style.

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    Maybe you should drop it into conversation the subject of homosexuality if you can and see what his reaction is to it he may just be curious and this is not a problem but i think when you drop it into conversation you make it known that you dont have a problem with this choice of sexuality and if you need a back out clause something along the lines of ''i just wondered why this is the path they choose''

    However saying that homosexuality isnt a curse or a reason to repent its a lifestyle that just cant be helped maybe if people were less critically there would be less marriages breaking up and people who dont need to be hurt left hurting

    I wish you luck but never be ashamed of your sexuality

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    Be prepared for the answers that you want as well as the answer that you do not want. If you tell him, he may reciprocate or he may tell you to leave. It sucks not to know, but is it worth your friendship? If you cannot live without knowing, then by all means tell him. It is possible that he feels the same way.

    From personal experience, I can say that not knowing can drive you crazy, even years down the line.

    Good luck, and ignore the closed-minded people posting here.

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    Ah teenage love and agony - woven so tightly together you could not separate them with a scalpel! Move forward with great caution and trepidation. There are many things we THINK are happening that are not happening - - and sometimes there are opportunities that we miss. Only YOU will be able to determine which of these you are dealing with in this situation, and the puzzle is glory in itself!

    Enjoy the turmoil, it is only the beginning, and honestly you will look back and enjoy it very much.

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    first of all..dont listen to that cole jackass...just tell him...if hes a true friend..hell understand..maybe something good will come of it..if he reacts in a bad way..hes not a true its not a huge loss

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  • repent homosexuality is wrong dude

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