Have you changed through out Elementry, Middle School and High School?

I've went from girly girl to tomboy back to girly girl. In elementry i was a prep, then middle school i didn't know what i was, i guess i just didn't have style anymore, then high school i was same thing i have no idea. Now i'm just whatever i feel. but i don't know how i want to be you know. I don't know what i want to do, i always change my mind about everything. Now i'm just blah, I listen to the murder dolls, and a bunch of goth music also punk and then sometimes i feel like listening to pop. i don't know about my life anymore, Does any of this make sense?

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    um yea in elementary school i was TOTAL TOMBOY i had like one or two girls friends,but the rest were guys. i use to play soccer during lunch and later basketball with all guys. i blame my brothers i guess for that. but then i joined band and met a lot more girl friends. so junior i was still a tomboy but i was acting more girly. and now in high school i dont kno i guess im less of a tomboy but still one. i kno i've definetly grown more in confindence. im more sure of myself.

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    Yes and no...

    In elementary school I was a complete tomboy, and I always fantasized about running away to live in the wilderness and do the Robinson Cruesoe thing.

    Middle school was a transition period, but now that I'm in high school, I'm obsessed with the DIY aspect of punk. I'm less of a tomboy, but one thing definitely hasn't changed...

    In elementary school I was all about being self sufficient- live in the woods, eat berries and ****. Now? I'm STILL all about being self sufficient, only it's changed to DIY clothes, DIY zines, DIY whatever it's possible to DIY.

    In all the obvious ways, I've changed- my clothes, my hair, my music... But my personality- my need for self sufficience and my refusal to let people gain the upper hand on me- has remained exactly the same.

    Everyone changes in all of those obvious ways, but you're still you no matter what. In the end, it's just about doing what feels right. So if sometimes you wanna listen to the Murder Dolls, and sometimes you wanna listen to goth, or punk, and sometimes you wanna listen to pop, then sometimes you should listen to the Murder Dolls, and sometimes you should listen to goth, or punk, and sometimes you should listen to pop. Don't spend too much time over analyzing who you are or who you wanna be- just do what you wanna do (unless that involves inappropriate usage of a gun, or something of that sort).

    And I probably didn't answer your question at all... So, sorry.

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    Yes I changed a lot from elementary school until High School , so many times that I don`t know the number , how times I`ve changed .

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    1 decade ago

    Everyone changes. It's good to have variety in your life!! Wouldn't it be boring if you did the same thing everyday?

    I've changed a lot since I was younger--even in the past few years. And I'm sure I'll change a lot more.

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