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Hello I need help on what I can do to raise my college gpa up. I did really bad on my 1st semester in college?

I have a gpa of about 1.9 which makes me really mad because i did really good in one of the classes and got a D. I Got a B and C in my other two classes (only taking 3 classes). Well since my GPA is 1.9 now is there any way I can raise my gpa up to like a 2.7-3.0? I really need a high gpa to transfer out. If there is any way I can raise it up please tell me so i can help myslef get a higher gpa. IF i get a gpa of 3.5 next semsester will it help raise it to 2.7-30? or if I take more classes will it help raise my gpa? PLease help me . THANK YOU.

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    Take easier classes and only take the minimum load for full load so you can concentrate. You can also retake a class if needed, that really raises the GPA more than additional classes with good grades.

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    Hi, I don't understand why you did really well in one of the classes and only received a D. Maybe you can ask to meet with that professor and get an explanation for your grade. Your other two grades are pretty good, so I have faith that you can achieve high grades this upcoming semester. I am not sure if taking more classes is your answer, rather, I would take as many as you are comfortable with (maybe 3 or 4?). I am not sure transferring out of your current college at the end of the spring semester is a good, I don't think another college will take you with such a low first semester gpa. Why not stick it out at your current college for another year and then try to make your transfer. Good luck.

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    you can re-take the class you made a D in and try to get a better grade, if it is a 3 credit class you can raise your gpa .3 pts for every letter grade you raise it. You can also take more classes and easier classes that you know you can do well in. Try taking you kinesiology classes there and that will surely raise your gpa. Good Luck. It will take time, patience, and hard work to improve your gpa that much. If you feel that the D was unjust then you can appeal the grade to the dean, which is usually a lengthy drawn out process. Again, Good Luck!

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    Your only option would be to do well on all future classes. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of A's to counter the effects of low to failing grades. You might consider in the future dropping or withdrawing from classes before they end. Particularly if you are not doing well, classes can sometimes be withdrawn from without damage to your gpa, but there are time limits on that and other restrictions. See a counselor for advice. Also, consider how many credit hours you are currently taking. Perhaps the load is too great. The average credit hour load should be around 15 to 16. After that, it becomes very difficult to manage, especially if you are student who also works part time. Good luck

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    First, you should take easy classes. Easy meaning what you are good at, if you are good at writitng, take an english class etc.. To figure out what you would need exactly, you should try using this..

    It will calculate gpas, so just fill it in as a "if I get a B in this class, and a C in this one.." it will predict future gpas.

    Also, once you start taking more classes, it will get higher. I would suggest waiting a full year or two (and just take gen eds) before you consider transferring, to raise your gpa. Good Luck

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    Well first of all what are you majoring in? Are you taking realistic classes that you are able to coprehend? If you are then go directly to the instructor and ask them for some help. Find out what it is your missing and why you are doing so poorly in your one class. On the norm most of these instructors will allow you to redo some test or term papers. If you still find you are having difficutly then talk with your advisor and find out how to correct it. You may need to rethink your major. Taking more classes may only hurt you as you seem to have some issues with just the few you are taking. ASking for help is usually the first step and without a doubt you will get it. Good luck

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    I think your best bet is to start drinking heavily. You obviously are not cut out for school if in a class where you "did really good" ( I'm guessing this was English maybe?) you received a D, especially when you were only taking 3 classes. Are you any good at sports or the arts? If not, foodservice or housekeeping may be the fields for you; these two industries are notoriously lax when it comes to an applicants GPA.

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    I have been on the Academic Actions committee for my campus, and I would agree with the person who said that you should re-take the course you got a D in. How many credits did those 3 classes add up to? Are you working full or part-time? Did you seek help or check with your academic advisor regarding your progress at the mid-semester mark? If you thought you were doing well in a course and you ended up with a D, it is possible that you tanked one of your last assignments/tests, and if those were weighted heavier than assignments/tests from earlier in the semester, that would have dragged your grade down.

    I have two pieces of advice:

    1. Set up an appointment with your academic advisor as soon as you can, and talk to him/her about what's going on with you--the best place to get advice about what to do is going to come from someone on your campus whose job it is to help you, not from random people on the internet (even me).

    2. Get help from tutors in the subjects you are having trouble with. Part of your student fees go to fund your campus' study center, so you might as well take advantage of it.

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    The more classes you take with good grades will help you with raising your GPA.

    I've been in your situation in the past and took this approach.

    *Take internship courses that require work, but no pay. As long as you fulfill the work requirements, you usually get an A.

    *Take physical education/recreation classes

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