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How great is the sport of baseball!!?

So me some love tell me how much you love baseball.

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    I'm still a brave fan so that saying a lot being they suck so badly. i love baseball

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    It's the sport in which Dreams Come True. My Best Memories are about baseball. The Sport has guided my life!!

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    Baseball is my world in the summertime!! I love the game. I grew up around it. Being the child of a father that went to college on a baseball scholarship, and played in the minors for a few years, I didn't have much of a choice but to grow up around the game. He was also my high school's baseball for 20-some years. My first MLB game he took me to. He taught me to love the Reds. I loved Johnny Bench when I was a kid. He took me to Game 2 of the 1990 World Series. One of the first vacations that my husband and I took together was to Cincinnati to see the Reds play. He'd never been (can you believe it). As far as I'm concerned there's no better game in the world!!!

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    I love going to baseball games. The entire family goes to Fenway, nothing like that old ballpark feel. We also go to Shea. I don't believe there is a bad seat in that place. There is nothing like the experience of seeing a game live.

    However, if we can't be there as is most often the case it is on the television or on XM. Yes, we need to follow the Mets and Red Sox wherever we may be at the time. I will sneak out of family (in laws) gatherings just to listen on the radio. Nothing like April and October is so Sad. Spring training helps when I get invited to visit my brother in Florida.

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    It is a wonderful sport. I enjoy watching it all the time. It is played during my favorite seasons. It is a very well thought out game. Like Phil Rizzuto once said "God bless this wonderful game they call baseball." I like to watch my favorite pitchers strike out opposing batters, win clutch games and shut the other team down. I like to watch my favorite hitters hit home runs and get clutch hits. I like to see managers argue with umpires. I also enjoy the occasional beaning (as long as it isn't any Yankee players) and when both teams benches clear. I am a huge fan of when the Yankees are on the road, win the game, and the fans boo them or are shocked and quiet. It is once said that "Boos on the road are like cheers at home". I am also a fan of when the Red Sox have yet another disappointing season. Rizzuto had it right (Get well Scooter! Hope to see you in many more Old Timer's games). I like when the mets come up short as well. And, I like the sound of Yankee fans at the stadium cheering for our Yankees well into the playoffs. What I would like to see is the Yankees winning it all in 2007, and the fans cheering because of it.

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    "Baseball is dull only to dull minds" -Red Barber

    My favorite baseball quote. Anyone that thinks it's slow doesn't understand all that goes into every pitch, every play. I'm a Braves fan too, and, even after the streak snapped, this has been one of my favorite seasons to watch baseball.

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    If I had to relive the same day over and over, it would be an afternoon win for the White Sox at US Cellular field. I love going to ballgames, but if I can't be there in person, I still want to watch every pitch on TV.

    Football was my first love, but baseball is my true love.

    Pitchers and catchers report to spring training Feb 17th!

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    baseball is the best sport ever!!! theres no better feeling then going to watch you favorite team play and then winning and the atmosphere at the ballparks are awesome. i'm a giants fan, and although they havent been doing too well the past couple years, i still have hope for 2007!

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    In the great words of Roberto Clemente when asked if he likes to play baseball. "More than eating sir."

    And for Batty; here's a quote similar to yours: "Baseball is like church. Many attend; few understand." -Leo Durocher

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    It's the best! I think this is the sport that made the US a lot better back in the early 1900s.

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