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john asked in SportsMartial Arts · 1 decade ago

If some really big guy tried to punch you but you blocked it, what would you do next?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    At least the poster above me has some sense lol.

    I see this played out quite a bit when I was bouncing, I am not a huge guy since I am only like 5'10" and around 215lbs. I am strong enough to matter. But I had two pro fighters that I trained with working with me. One is about 5'7" and 155lbs. (Probably walks around around 165 or so), with him being a pretty small guy he constantly got tried.

    Most big guys trying to punch you are probably going to be drunk, since it is incredibly rare for someone to randomly walk up to you and punch you, so chances are you see it coming in some way or another, some sort of confrontation (which you probably have the opportunity to avoid).

    So let's just say for example you messed around with this guy's girl, or some sort and you both are sober. (because him being drunk and you being sober gives you a heavy advantage)

    All this throat, groin, and eye gouging stuff sounds great but is not reality. Cross kicking a guy's knee whilst it is bent is pretty ineffective and since I don't know too many people who stand straight legged, it more than likely will be bent. Blowing out a guy's knee with a kick isn't as easy as you think.

    (guys take full on inside leg roundhouse kicks to the knees without it blowing out.)

    Not to mention that by going for these very low percentage moves you are escalating this to a new threat level for the guy who is had hit just as many throats, and eyes as you have (meaning none).

    I have taken some full on shots to the balls without it slowing me down one iota, and have watched my buddies with some plumber vice gripping their balls procede to whip the hell out of the gripper.

    So groin strikes aren't as effective in real combat situations as you may think.

    (most overweight people have knee problems? Umm ok. Fighters have way worst knees then overweight people lol)

    Size isn't normally a thought to me, but it is because I am usually big enough that I can handle the strength of someone much larger than me. But my buddy who is much smaller has great counterpunching skill lol. I watched him drop guy after guy with a left hook...

    Though that is a skill advantage you can't count on.

    But ya know what you can count on.... good ol fashioned oxygen depletion.

    So to answer your question directly. First thing is I would rather avoid a punch then blocking it, I would step around the guy look to slip a punch and take him down, choke him out.

    You put a guy on the ground size no longer matters, however taking him down is where you have to deal with. But any backwards throw (double leg, Osoto Gari, singles, etc) are fairly successful against larger opponents.

    So he swings I block, I feint up top shoot in for a double (being a Judo player I normally go for Osoto Gari or Osoto Makikomi) take his back and choke him out.

    I do a lot of standing chokes on guys, but my skill set and level are different.

    But eye gouges, throat punches just aren't high percentage moves, they are small targets and the body naturally protects them, at the very least since he is already in combat mode he is protecting his head.

    Groin shot could work, but you are going to escalate the response, but providing he isn't amped up on adrenaline. And hopefully he isn't used to fighting.

    Knee shots always sound great in practice, but I have had about a dozen guys try to take out people's knees to no avail. The knee is weakest laterally, but it isn't like Roadhouse where you just kick a guy and you instantly dislocate his knee cap, or blow out his knee.

    Your best bet is to get distance and get away, if you have no choice then it depends on your skills. If you are a good striker, then counter punch. If you have little to no skill, and don't know how to properly do take downs and chokes, and haven't sparred and trained consistently in striking, then you definately should get away.

    Myself, I will look to get it to the ground, control the fight and choke the guy out. I might throw a kick a few punches or some knees to work to a clinch before the takedown.

    But I try to stay away away from going for eyes, throats, pressure points, and knees and try to stick with what I know I can get.

    Source(s): 20+ years in Martial Arts, Judo, kickboxing, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, BJJ, Sambo, Catch, MMA. 4 years of Bouncing in bars (before I got a real job) 4 years of fighting in bars around the world with the military.
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  • 1 decade ago

    After doing the block, if i feel my life is in danger, i would more than likely, using their own weight against him, take him down. If the trip/take down is done correctly his feet should be near you if not get there and stomp on the ankle then leave the area.

    If the above is not a option i would use a sweeping block and a cross kick to the knee, then leave the area.

    Both optitions above will cause tremendous pain and will break a bone. And sense martial arts is about defense: if you feel your life is in no danger at all and have an obvious escape route (which 9 times out of 10 you will) i would: once again use a sweeping block stepping through and land a elbow to his side, which will cause a lot of pain but more than likely wont break anything, and leave the area as quickly as possible.

    But, with all honest i dont know what i would do. When you are a trained martial artist your instincts take over and you are in a zone. Everything happons so fast you dont know what happoned and thats when martial art training really shows your ability to ascess the fight and decide to hurt mame or kill someone happons automatically and you react.

    Source(s): many years of martial art training
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    One word. Counterattack.

    By attacking first in a way that allowed you to block him, you have instantly stripped the initiative from him and it is now up for grabs. At this point, you must take the initiative and make the best possible use of it so that you will not use it. Against a much larger opponent, mass alone might be enough to soak up a single blow, so aim would be everything.

    But first, get off the tracks. If you stay anywhere near his lines of attack, you could be in a world of hurt. A push against an extended elbow is enough to push someone way off-balance, for one thing, and to get you well away from his other hand, and using his body to prevent a kick. But you have to move fast.

    A lot of people can resist a hit to the nuts if they have adrenaline going. And a hit to the head is not guaranteed to daze him for long. Eyes and throat are really small targets. Go for something that will not move. A hard heel stomp on top of the foot or into the ankle can break bones, and that would be my first move if my life was at risk. To cause a maximum amount of damage in a minimum amount of time in the surest possible way.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Depends. Overall I wouldn't be looking to just counter attack for three reasons:

    1) If the attack fails I'm now committed to a fight.

    2) If the attack succeeds I could hurt the other person and I'd rather know my skills are used to protect myself and others - not the opposite.

    3) If the attack lands but does no damage I'm not in over my head with few options left.

    That in mind -

    If he's truly bigger than me, and trying to hurt me, and I'd just blocked - I'd probably back away and look for an escape route. The first rule is to be safe. Not attack puts me on the pure defensive.

    If I had no escape route I'd go for a take down, arm or wrist lock to hold him in place. Again not trying to hurt the person, I'd rather just hold them until help arrives or they calm down.

    If this is not an option either, I'd go for a knee or groin strike followed by a strike to the arm pit and then get out of the area quickly. Mostly because he'll probably want to keep fighting, but also going down town and filling out police reports is a huge buzz kill.

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  • 1 decade ago

    After a punch is thrown, there will be a certain amount of momentum still pushing the attacker forward. Many martial arts like judo will use this momentum against him and throw the attacker away from the defender.

    Another option is to use the window of opportunity you just created and throw a kick or punch in return.

    But the safest move is to avoid the situation and/or get away quickly if at all possible.

    best of luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'd probly go for a groin strike, then put him into a pain compliance technique while he was temporarily stunned and hold him until the cops arrived.

    if he tried to squirm out of it, I'd give him a more painful reason not to try it (like maybe breaking something like say a couple of fingers maybe? I'd have to think about it though)

    or maybe just lock him up in a basic armbar and keep the pain compliance technique locked in until the cops got there, it all depends on what the knucklehead chooses to throw at me that'll determine how I'll react in defense, theres too many variables to consider as to how he throws the punch.

    Source(s): 15yr student and assistant instructor of Martial Arts, Tang Soo Do and Hapkido
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  • Manji
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    Depending on what type of punch it was...there are several options.

    First off...I don't waste time with blocking. It's too unreliable.

    I'd either bridge the punch, sidestep it on a closing or opening 45 angle to take his side or get out of the way, or step inside the range of it and clinch.

    Depending on what angle or distance the avoidance would opt for me....determines what counter I would do.

    There are entirely too many variables to give you just one.

    If you have his side, you have the options of taking out a knee or his elbow depending on how the limb is have the floater ribs for a counter knee/punch/stomping forward kick, you have the option of throws, chokes, etc.

    Source(s): 22+ years of active combat art experience.
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  • 1 decade ago

    When most big guys punch you, they telegraph their move. Ignore Mr. Miyagi from The Karate kid, Don't always look at their eyes, but whatch their facial expressions. Or if there are none, watch what their arms and feet are doing. If they go to punch you with their right hand, it will land on the left side of your face. Scout it. Duck under and side step their punch until you are behind them. Timing is everything. Once you have stepped behind them, turn quickly because this will throw them off. They are bigger than you and are expecting to win the fight. They won't know what to do next and certainly can't turn around fast enough. While you are behind them, drop to one knee towards them and drive your shoulder into the back of their knee. Most overweight people have knee problems. Take advantage of it. Drive into them hard and then roll out of their way because they will go backwards. then once they have fallen back, drive your elbow deep into their sternumn. It may break it, but that's what they get for picking on someone smaller than them. It's not your size that matters, it's your ability to avoid these situations in the first place. But if you're not able to for some reason, use my advice and it will work. I used to be a semi-pro wrestler, and this move always bought me a few minutes to breath and gather momentum to win my matches. It has to be almost all in one move. See the punch coming, duck and step under to get behind them and drive that shoulder in for the kill right in the back of their knee and then you're ok. Don't hold back on power either, use your weight to your advantage and then use his. Good luck.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i probably would be stunned that i blocked the punch at all. at the root of all fighting disciplines, outside of being in some military force, lies the fact that fighting is the last thing you should do. all other things being equal, the bigger person probably will win. there's nothing wrong with talking your way out. yes, you can go for the vitals, but your taking a hell of a risk in getting there. learning to stay calm when the **** hits the fan would be a far better thing to learn.

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  • 1 decade ago

    There is no right or wrong answer this question but this is my answer. Every situation is different, or should I say now two situations are the same, the time of day, how you feel, are you with your loved ones, are you in a store or bar, a parking lot. If you can not talk your way out of the fight and he makes the first move you have the right to defend your self. My suggestion to you is check out the Art of Kenpo Karate.

    Source(s): A true Martial Artest!
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  • 1 decade ago

    Being a 100 pound girl, I doubt if my punch to the face or stomach would do much to the big guy, so I would kick him in the nuts and run like the wind. I know I could outrun him!

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