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meanings behind???

is it cool or a fool to have two priercings and two tattoos on manlley parts? like a man??? and do men have left or right makes them look cool or "gay???" both for them??? cool or not??? what are the meanings???

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Asking "is this cool?" is like asking "does an apple taste good?" -- the answer an opinion that depends on the observer and everyone will have a different answer.

    The 'meanings' of piercings ended when piercings became popular.

    If you are concerned about what having a tattoo or piercing 'means', perhaps you should wait another year or two. You need to get bodywork done because *you* want it, not because of something someone else will think. you can't predict what anyone else will think and besides, they're not who gets to wake up with that tattoo every morning for the next sixty years.

    Some more conservative people who are not interested in piercings will find 'manly part' piercings (I'm assuming you mean genital piercings) weird or icky. Ignore them. There are also those who find men non-tattooed/pierced men dull and old-fashioned ;)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I do not think there is a "label" anymore for what certain piercings mean. I think you can have them any which way and no one will think any different of you. Do it for you not anyone else. If you are thinking about piercing your peniss then go for it. Do it for the right reasons.They just need alot of care because that area is prone to more infection. I wouldnt do anything excessive though. I think piercings in guys ears look really good. Do something different like the tragus, industrial or conch (Middle of ear), instead of a traditional cartilidge piercing. As far as tattoo's in that area i wouldnt recommend it because it may require more care and I really do not see the point of having them there, but then again to each there own

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  • 1 decade ago

    ok, first of all, learn to ask a question where people can acutally understand what you are saying.

    If you want piercing or tattoo, then get them. Do what makes you happy and stop worrying about what other people think.

    Now, you want to know if having piercings on your "manly parts" is cool or whatever. Most women don't like that!!! AND it leaves you very open for disease and infections.

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  • manly parts should be left alone, the risk of infection is greater, and who wants to bother with your "manly" parts oozing puss!!

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