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What is the best way to get around chicago?

i need to know the fastest/best way i can get to my work at e. 93rd st coming from w. madison. ive checked out CTA and the bus ride takes more than 1 hr. Is taking a taxi smart enough?


i've got all these great response but can somebody tell me the best way on how to get to e.93rd st coming from w. madison

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    driving there would take just as long

    take the green line CTA train to Randolph/Wabash then walk over to the Metra Millenium station for the South Chicago train to 93rd and Baltimore st

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    Driving would take just as long as the CTA, plus you have the frustration of sitting in gridlocked traffic twice a day every day, which makes driving every day a nightmare. Parking is also outrageously expensive downtown. If you are on the bus or El, you can at least read a book or magazine. A one hour taxi ride would cost you around 50-60 bucks each way, so I would guess that's too expensive. I took a taxi a couple of weeks ago from downtown to my hotel near O'Hare, and it cost me $53!!

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    The CTA is the best and cheapest way to get from West Madison to 93rd St.

    If that's not fast enough for you and you don't think you will get there in time, here's a tip: get up earlier.

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    You can take a taxi if you have enough money! I bet it would cost over $30. Have you tried the El? It should be much faster than a bus. If your workplace doesn't have an El stop nearby, take the El as close as you can, then take a bus. Make sure that the bus you choose is operating at the time you need to ride. I assume that you do not have a car, but if you do, you can drive on lake Shore drive--use Mapquest to figure out the details.

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    Driving yourself is the most prefered way to get around in Chicago. Taking a taxi, day after day will cost a kids' college tuition.

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    Hello, you can take a taxi to where your work is but I think it would be too much money to afford one but you would like to be safe too.

    I would definately take the train, it's a little quicker.

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    well the train taxi or your own vehicle would be the best options

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    the weiner mobile.

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