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Can You Help Me Find SARI MCRAE aka "Apple" My Long Lost Thai Friend?


Last Known Whereabouts - British Columbia, Canada.

I am looking for a friend I have lost contact with. Her name is Sari McRae. She is originally from Bangkok area of Thailand. She lived in Kamloops (Brocklehurst area) , British Columbia, Canada in the late 1980's. She was married to Randy McRae who worked for the CN Railroad. They had two children, Jason and Cindy who were born in Canada and would now be in their 20's.

Randy's parents were from Niagra Falls, Ontario. Any immediate family that Sari has on her side of the family are all in Bangkok, Thailand area.

There is a possibility she may have divorced or remarried and if so I would not know her recent last name. Her maiden name was Sari Saybong (wrong spelling of last name, pronounciation is correct). I am Donna from Kenora,ON. I miss her very much.

Email any information to:

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I really hope you are able to find her. There are many people that I would like to get back in contact with. I wish you the best!!

    Good Luck!!

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