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Rachel asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 1 decade ago

Is the Movie Wolf Creek based on a true story?

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    It is based on The Backpack Murders that occured in Australia.

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    "Wolf Creek was marketed as being "based on true events" in the same way that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was. Despite this claim, the movie is fictitious; the film's director and writer has stated that Wolf Creek is not based on any single event or events.

    Wolf Creek is set in a real location; however the actual meteorite crater location is called "Wolfe Creek", and is located in northern Western Australia. It is believed to be the second largest meteorite crater in the world. The movie was almost entirely filmed in South Australia, so most of the shots in the movie at "Wolf Creek" are not located at the real "Wolfe Creek". The aerial shots of the crater in the movie show the genuine Wolfe Creek crater."

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    Yes it is also the producers and directors from the texas chainsaw massacharie spealivze in true story based movies and they're the ones who made wolf creek.

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    Wolf Creek was based on a Serial Killer who actually did kill tourist

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  • sm177y
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    I think its based on true events, like Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


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    at the beginning of the movie, it's written that it is inspired from a true story.

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    Yes it is. Check out the link below.

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    Yes it happend in West Texas.

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    No, it is almost totally fiction, and even if it were, it'd only be .00000001% true.

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