Please answer if you ever dyed your hair...?

1)How old were you when you first dyed it.

2)What colour?

Cause im thinking of dying my hair when im sixteen, is that too young?

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    Well, I'm already 18 and still haven't dyed my hair any colour. Maybe it's because I love how my hair is and so do all the people. Maybe it's also one of the reason why boys like me because I'm clean.

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    I first gave myself highlights when I was 14, then I completely dyed it multiple times when I was 18 & 20, and I still dye every 3 to 4 months.

    First time it was the good old (tacky) golden highlights; later in my 20's I tried anything from black, to red and to light cinnamony honey color. Now it is medium chocolaty brown with red mahogany low-lights. ( I might keep this color for good now :)

    Well, i can't say u r too young to die your hair but since hair dying products inevitably damage hair and lead to possible (constant) hair loss; I would first try an ammonia-free die if I were you (the ammonium which is a chemical, smells very nasty and it is in most hair dying products unless the box says it is ammonia free. But not only does it smell bad, it is also a very strong chemical and does a lot of damage to your hair in most cases it is hard to fix). Anyways, I recommend buying two boxes of hair dye if you have long hair and enlist some help from friends or family, somebody with experience is always better. I really recommend Revlon (they have a no - ammonia dye and it gives perfect results w/my hair and it is %50 cheaper than most other popular brands). (I do not have any gray hair in case if u were wondering).

    So, hope that it all works out 4 u. Good luck!

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    i dyed my hair once when i was sixteen, just a shade browner than my natural ash brown, no big deal, and no its not too young. When I was 17 or 18 i tried a temporary red, and fell in love with it, and have been coloring it red ever since (im 27). As a baby kid, i had red hair, so it looks natural. You might consult a hairdresser to see what color is best for you if you're not sure.

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    no not to young i think the first time i did a full hair dye was when i was sixteen and i did it bright red and it has stuck ever since then and im 21. and i still have a full head of hair thick as ever. if you are going to do it ask your stylist what type of shampoo and rinse you should be using. i use pantene pro-v for red heads i think there is three things that you put in your hair while you are in the shower and it works good, they also have it for burnettes and blondes too

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    1 decade ago

    I dyed my hair once. I was in my mid 20's - well it was a colour rinse actually, rich chestnut. I'd always had a grey patch at the front ( a famiy trait), but what nobody told me was dye picks up differently on grey hair. It washed out quickly from all the hair apart from this patch, where it just went a brighter and brighter pink.

    First and last time.

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    1) I think I was 15-16 I might have been 14 though.

    2) I dyed it auburn (i'm a blonde) it looked really good actually. but it faded really fast♥

    If you are unsure of if you want to do it or if you'll like a color use the stuff that washes out in like 6 shampoos as a test♥

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    I have dyed my hair different colors since and now at 26 am sorry I ever did. I am growing out my natural color and it seems to take soooo long.

    16 isnt too young. Just make sure you go with a color good for you. I went with black once and it was awful with my skin tone.

  • stormy
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    i was 15 when i first dyed my hair. my natural color is dark brown and dyed it about 2 shades lighter. after that, ive been dying or high lighting my hair every 3 months. so no, i don't think 16 is too young. just don't do anything drastic.

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    I think that is a personal choice, but if your mom and dad support it then go for it. I was about 8 when my mom put henna coloring in my hair and dyed it red. It was fun. SInce henna is a natural product she also did my sister who was three at the time. It was fun and eventually after a few months we were back to our regular color, no harm done.

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    I was 15 when I first streaked my hair red, and 17 when I did an all over dye. It's not too young if you know what you are doing or go to a salon. I still asked my parents, though...

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