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Help with Dealing with California Child Protection Services?

A work collegaue who's got three kids and has been down on his luck has come under the scrutiny of Calfornia's Child Protective Services. They even came into work, flashing a badge and asking questions. I wasn't sure of my rights and he isn't sure of his rights either. Does anybody have any advice or pointers to informatin on what your rights are when confronted with somebody flashing a badge, that isn't a police officer?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Dealing with CA CPS is a monumental pain in the *** and they almost always overstep their bounds. This is the kind of thing that you need an attorney for. If you are in Sacramento, I can recommend a firm. Outside of Sacramento, tell your friend to go to the local courthouse and speak with the Family Law Facilitator's Office. They can point him in the right direction.

    Also tell you friend that he needs to take this very, very seriously. If he has family resources or friends who can help him financially he needs to do so immediately.

    If you'd like, you're welcome to contact me through this service for more guidance. I can certainly help point you in the right direction.

    Source(s): Six years as a California attorney.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Try the site below. Make sure to watch the online Movie Presentation. This will provide him access to his Legal Rights, and get the Legal Protection he needs for his entire family. This is VERY affordable and it will allow him to talk to an Attorney/Law Firm in the State of CA. 24hours a day.

    Hope to be of service to him,



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