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ok guys, i really need your help. im very sorry its in the wrong category. i need help for my play. i need a title and an ending. plzz read my last three questions. it is based on this. plzz help guys!!!

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    I could not view the questions...sorry.

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    Since you main character is named Maria, how about one of these for a title?

    Dictar la moda --------------Meaning 'to set the fashion'

    Desfile de modas ----------Meaning 'fashion show'

    And how about Maria in the dress at the time of the dispute, only to have enter another designer who is feuding with (what's her name) and absolutely loves the design. Maybe even He/She was eavesdropping on the argument before entering.

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    I couldnt view the questions SORRY

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    okok i will i'l IM u ok?

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