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Lately I have been looking every where for the new pink Nintendo DS Lite! I promised my youngest daughter that I would give it to her on Christmas day only if she helped me out buy doing some chores around the house. Well, it is now week 3 that she has been doing all of the chores around the house and she is beging me every day about when she will get her Nintendo DS. Not to mention how upset she was on Christmas when she realized mom "forgot" about her pink Nintendo DS Lite she had promised her.

The real problem here is all the stores are sold out! I have finaly decided that my only hope is to buy on online, how ever that is somthing im extremely new too. My question for you is what good websites are there to actualy do this besides Amazon or ebay? All answers will help! Thanks.

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    When you click on an item and are on the products page choose a trusted 3rd party seller - "See all buying options" at the right. Everything is processed via Amazon.


    Ebay Express (only selected and trusted merchants)

    regular Ebay listings:

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    It shouldn't be that hard to find the DS in stores. Reason it sold out so fast was because it was Christmas, and the DS Lite is a great gift for a low price.

    But you should be able to go to any store either this week or next week and be able to pick one up off the shelf.

    If it'll make your daughter feel a little better, why don't you just give the daughter the money just so that she knows that you weren't lying to her that you were going to get her a DS Lite.

    The only online sites that I would trust are big name sites, like,,,,,, I wouldn't bother with ebay or overstock because you're going to end up paying extra for something that you can easily get at the store within a week or so. I wouldn't trust any sites that I don't know about because most of those sites just so happens to spring up during the holiday season ready to scam people out of their money. Why do these stores have items that are impossible to get?

    Even if the link goes from http to https, it doesn't mean that it's a safe site. All it means is that your info is encrypted, but it doesn't mean that those stores aren't going to fraud you. When ordering online, go with the rule, if it's too good to be true, then it probably is.

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    Now that Christmas is past, stores will all be restocking the DS Lites this week. Your best bet is to check your local Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, Circuit City, Gamestops for it. A couple of them have inventory locators too, so call a store if it shows as being in stock.

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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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  • 1 decade ago , there are lots of websites that are safe. To make sure, when you enter personal info, look at the address bar, if it goes from http to https, then it is safe.

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