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Is thickness most important in determining condom size for a male?

i am not necessarily long, but very thick. should i get a larger condom?

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    Okay, if you have to ask a question like this on here, you obviously have a problem!

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    no longer probable.... they are style of a "one length suits all" style of subject. They unroll and stretch so except he's outstandingly large or quite small the favorite length would be what he makes use of. Magnums are large condoms and that i've got on no account considered a field of small condoms certainly now i think of roughly it...and that i artwork in a save.... some adult adult males want to apply Magnums because of the fact those are large condoms and brag that they use them... yet wager what, useful they in good condition yet so might a trash bag it does no longer propose its mandatory!

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    Yes, make certain it fits right and stays on.

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