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how do I create stars using Photoshop CS?

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    Go to your shape tools, select custom shape, right click, select little triangle in upper right hand corner, scroll down select shapes, choose star.

    There is also a filter which you can download which has multiple tools including something called superstar or something. You can downlaod it free here

    Download eyecandy and xenofex, they are very cool and useful.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): I agree, Illustrator is so much better for design elements. I've been taught that you edit photos in photshop, add text and design elements in illustrator and then do the final layout in indesign.
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    use the custom shape tool, it's behind the shape tools, then at the top you have to select the custom shape, theres a drop down list that has stars on it. you could also use the paint brush which has a star brush, but for this kind of stuff you should use Adobe Illustator, it's better for shapes and logos and stuff.

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