Where do girls get that nice deep blue eyeshadow/mascara?

It goes on the lid but also a bit on the lash. It is a really nice deep vibrant blue. I have only seen it on some girls and have no idea where they get it from! I've tried buying the Almay blue mascara but it is too dark and looks black.

something that kinda looks like this(but better):


but nicer, and availabe in north america. That I would not have to buy online.

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    The picture you show looks like regular blue mascara. I've never tried Almay, but try Maybelline Great Lash in Royal Blue. It's very bright and clean.

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    Try Mabelline Blue Mascara and then after you apply it...dip your eyelashes in a vibrant light blue powder eyeshadow...the light blue on the dark blue will bring out the color

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    Try at Sephora. They have great products. FYI: if you have blue eves, don't put blue on them. Use browns, pinks, silvers, purples, greys, nothing in or close to the blue family. And, if you have light blonde hair, don't use a dark black. It makes your hair and face look washed out and pale. (MAC eye products are nice too)

    Source(s): Expert make-up artists at Sephora.
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    well, i do not know of a mascara that works as a shoadow..

    but bare minererals has an awesome shade of blue that it beautiful called AZURE

    and for the mascara i would recommend going to mac because they have an amazing blue mascara

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    Well this isn't the BEST place but my friend wears blue mascara and she gets her at Wal-mart, although I'm not sure what brand.

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    You can get the DIOR mascara at Sephora- it can go on the tips of your lashes or you can use it on your full lash-

  • i use MaryKate and Ashley brand, it's light, and a very clean blue. i buy mines at Walmart, u can try walgreens too.

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    1 decade ago

    hey try claires.they have good stuff.even a simple stor lik Meigher or Target.Walmart,too

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    avon has the best makeup and cheap prices try the new superfull

    mascara it's the best

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