which country has the highest number of deathes per day?

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    The highest death rate would be in either Botswana or Swaziland, their death or mortality rates per year have been closely ranked first and second for several years.

    Their current estimated annual rates are

    Swaziland 29.74deaths/1000 persons

    (1,136,334 population) = 92.59 daily deaths

    Botswana 29.50deaths/1000 persons

    (1,639,833 population) = 132.53 daily deaths

    However, the greatest number of daily deaths is in China

    (India is a close number 2)

    China 6.97deaths/1000 persons

    (1,313,973,713 population) = 25,091.50 daily deaths

    India 8.18deaths/1000 persons

    (1,095,351,995 population) = 24,547.89 daily deaths

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    Per day total is probably India just because of its extremely high population.

    But the highest crime rate per capita is some of the Central American countries (El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala) and Colombia.

    Per capita deaths total is probably some of the African nations.

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    Columbia had the highest murder rate per capita. 0.62 per 1000 people or aprox 24500 total per year. As compared to the US 0.043 (12000) or Canada 0.015. (475) Monitored by the UN over a span from 1998-2000. Keep in mind per capita doesn't ref;ect total murders/ India has the highest amount of murders but their total poulation places them at 0.034. Also Canada has a population of 33 000 000 where as the US has a population of closer to 300 000 000 and Columbia and India have populations of 43, 593,035 and 1, 095, 351, 995.

    So althought India does see more people killed it's only 37, 000 out of a billion where as Columbia is 24000 out of 43 million


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    Well, the most violent country is Iraq, the country with the highest mortality rates because of lack of sanitation is Angola.

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    I'm sure that it is either China or India simply because they have the largest populations.

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    That would be... India, over 150 murders per day.

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    New York,

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    china china china china china

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