does anybody know a truthful and very accurate pyschic medium the los angeles area?

someone you would recommend? There are so many liars out there its hard to know who is for real.


please do not respond if you are just going to say how wrong, you musnt etc... against god etc.. we all have our beliefs so if you cant answer it dont.

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  • Peace
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    1 decade ago
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    i would recommend asking through your nearest spiritualist church

    they would know some working mediums with good reputations

    check out the national association of spiritualist churches of America

  • 1 decade ago

    Honey, all those people are scam artists and prey on people like you looking for answers. They don't know the first thing about you but will suck you in to think they are your best friend. God absolutely forbids anyone to practice witchcraft, which is what it's all about. psychic mediums allow demons to work through them, better known as familiar spirits, because they study us in the spirit realm. the devil is very crafty and a liar so it's no wonder the psychic seems to know so much about you. Don't go to any. Save your money and the condition of your soul. There is a God who reveals secrets, so if you want to know anything, ask God first. He knows everything and will answer you if you call upon Him. And He doesn't charge you like they will.

  • lewis
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    4 years ago

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