Burn DVDs which is playable in 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers?

Yo watup...

How do u burn a dvd so dat it can be heard on all d speakers of my home theater system. When i burn dvds i cn only here it in 2.1 ...

please help..

thankx in advance...

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    It depends on the sound files in the original source.

    If you're using DVDShrink to shrink a ripped DVD you'll need to select the AC3 5.1ch file and not the AC3 2ch file; alternatively select the DTS file.

    Your burner will burn whatever files you tell it which is determined by what you rip. Your burner can't make 5.1 out of 2ch. You could try reauthoring software such as DVD Studio but you'll probably find it more trouble than it's worth. Me, I live with the occassional 2ch video. All of the older vids and many of the newer ones too are only 2ch sound.

    If all you've got is 2 channel (stereo) sound files then that's all you'll normally get as output unless your player has the facility to play 2ch through all 5 speakers. Simulated surround sound is what my player calls it.

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    in case you recommend a encompass sound cinema equipment or kit, then if the burnt dvd has been encoded with Dolby digital or DTS then definite that's going to. you may continually use Dolby professional common sense modes in the experience that they haven'tt although

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