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Is the foetus eating trend in modern china true?


recently come across the foetus eating issue of u kno of any action taken aganist dis issue?

Update 2:

do u all have any information abt recent developments in the issue..

i would lik to assume the issue to be false..

just wanned some conformation facts..

ny suggestions otr dan snopes site..?

Update 3:

@ sathannic


foetus is british english..

so tnk twice b4 advicin..som1 aganist wrong spellings..

sry dat i offended u..

dat wasn't ma intention..

hav nothing aganist chineese..

just wannd 2 get 2 d bottom f dis issue...

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    2 things, ready?

    learn how to spell and shut the **** up!!!!!

    everything you hear is a lie

    everything is a lie

    we humans are built on lies

    like GOD is a lie

    like Buddha said, don't believe in anything you see, hear or say

    use your common sense, if everything you hear on television is true, why are people making a fuss over it? they could be lies

    (sorry but I am offended)

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