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I was told that my question was confusing. I meant to ask: should the friend leave?

I'll call the friend Susie. She's been staying for 2 wks with an unemployed and broke single mom who lives in 1 large room. Susie has relatives/other friends she can stay with and she didn't bother to contact the mom until she needed a place to stay.

Susie babysat for the mom like twice and pays the mom some money, but is unwilling to pay half the rent even though she has a job.

Her 3 relatives asked her to leave and she can't stay with her friends who have jobs and bigger spaces b/c "they live with their families".

Is the mother being cruel for telling Susie that she needs to move out in 1 wk? The girl wants to stay for 1-2 months! She thinks she is being asked to leave b/c the mom is jealous that Susie has many friends.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Susie should be grateful that she had a place to go in an emergency. Then she should leave within the week. There is nothing mean about the mother asking her to leave. It must be very crowded in the one room. Anyway, she gave her a whole week to find another place to go. I think it's rude for Susie to even question the mother's motives.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    if she was letting her stay there that was nice enough at least she had a roof over her head

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