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for how long a day should i swim to lose 7lb in one week (combined with healthy eating)?

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    Well... to burn a pound- that would be around 3500 calories. So how ever long you have to swim a day, to burn a pound a day...depending on what could of swimmig. If you are swimming hard and fast, then you might have to swim for 2 hours or so- without stopping. Less movement would mean more hours. It will be hard work- Good luck!

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    at a moderate swimming pace- slow pace- Swim 5 hours a day.and that will burn a little over 2500 calories which will make you lose 7 lbs of fat in a week. if you dont overeat also..

    At a fast exercising pace- 31/2 hours- and youll lose over 2500 cals also.

    the calories burned is the average of what ive told you, but your metabolism plays a part in it also. so eat healthy, swim your hours, and also jog!!!! jogging or runnign burns more calories than anything

    If i could tell you how to do it, it would be

    Swim 2 hours.

    jog around/ and take walking breaks bu dont stop movin(i dont know your fitness level) DO that for 1 hour

    and buy a jump rope, and complete 300-500 jumps a night, you can take breaks to..

    But do all that cardio everyday and youll look great and lose weight faster than you think..

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    You have set yourself an unobtainable goal. You would have to eat nothing but water, the exercise necessary would exhaust you long before you lose the weight, and your stores of available glucose in your liver will run out quickly. Then you will be unable to continue exercising, and when you start eating normally again, you will put the weight back quickly. Be sensible when you start to lose weight so you can continue with an exercise plan that will help keep the weight off.

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    If you're going to do this every day, I would recommend 45 minutes, up to an hour if you can spare it, but try not to jump in full-throttle on swimming cardio if you are not used to doing cardio. Make sure you drink plenty of water, as swimming can give you a false sense of hydration.

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    I suggest you conbine it with some running. Drink around 8~10 glasses of water will help you shed away the pounds.

    Swim around 2~3 hours a day. 1 hour each time.

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    Interestingly enough swimming is not a good excercise to lose weight. It has something to do with the bouancy of the water.

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