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If they said in the 1970's that another Ice Age is coming, Why is it getting warmer?

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    because they were either wrong or talking about sometime in the distant future.

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    During the 70's, scientists thought that smog was increasing ozone production which would lead to cooling of the globe. Later, scientists learned that the cooling effects of smog pollution were not as important as the warming effects of carbon dioxide.

    The global warming is now causing the Earth's polar ice caps to melt away. The ice caps drive the oceanic streams that keep the cold ocean waters mixing into the warm waters. When the caps finish melting away, the streams will stop, and the ocean temperatures will become more extreme warm and cold. Then, temperatures in the North and South latitudes will become super cold and will trigger the next ice age.

    The following links will give greater detail

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    Before the the last ice age it was why would it be different? Only over a century ago there was sheep farms on Greenland and grapes growing on Newfoundland...

    Climate changes, it only has been documented extensively in the past for a few decades or so. Most of these predictions are estimates on a lot of guess work.

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    I understand that global warming causes the arctic ICE caps to melt thus creating a very thick layer of cold water in the ocean. When this comes into the contact flow of jet streams, the weather will predictably become colder and colder as the ocean levels rise.

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    Global Warming is the reason. Global warming causes the ice caps to melt, making the sea level rise. You may be asking? How does this relate to a ice age? When freshwater mixes with saltwater, there is an effect of "Global Cooling".

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    According to Dicovery Channel, the earth has started to bend on its existing axis. In about 100-200 years we might have an ice age or worst or better, Christmas will be hot and July will be cold.

    But they also said, it is a far fetched theory. It can be nothing or totally chaotic. Good news is we won't be here to see it... But they could very well be talking about ICE AGE 3 without Denis Leary this time though!!!

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    The magnetic north pole is moving..i dont know if this is having any affect on the temp, but think of if the magnetic north pole is moving, the earth would considerly have to rotate on its new axis or we would fly off into space...if you look at the page i linked it shows that the magnetic north pole is slowly getting closer to the North Pole and if that does that would it not get colder on the eastern hemisphere and warmer on the western hemisphere?

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    There will be another ice age. It is coming. Of course, we may not be here to have to deal with it.

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    More cows farting I guess.

    Scientists aren't really sure. Most are saying global warming 'caused by man and others have other theorys. Until the science with ALL of the data comes in, I wouldn't worry about it. Besides, any change will take centuries, and I won't be around for all of it...

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    It is getting warmer because of the sun.

    The junk science that they used to predict the ice age isn't any better than the junk science they are using to claim global warming.

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    The earth has cycles of warmth and coolness. Haven't you ever watched the movie Day After Tomorrow.

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