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I have just bought a red eared slider, I have all his basic needs down, but all he does is lay around n sleep?

It is winter time where I live, could it be just hibernation? I just don't know what I'm doing wrong.

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    Need more details really. What is his tank set up? basic needs as in what? Red eared sliders are water turtles. so you should have an aquatic habitat set up for him. with something for him to crawl out onto when he's tired of swimming.

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    I have two turtles, they are both small and I think they are red eared sliders, or they are painted, but anyway, your turtle might not have enough space. I have like 2-4 gallons of water in mine, but I have small turtles. If you have a big one, you need alot more water and more area. Do you have a floating dock or anything? He may want to get out and lay. My turtle recently went under the floating dock and gravel and I am not sure why. I took him out after 12 hours or so and he has stayed out. Make sure your water is warm enough, they get cold, too.

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    what is the temperature of your set up? If you dont know then you need to know because if the temp is below 72 degrees the turtles metabolism may be slowing down, and eventually it may die. Red eared sliders will not hibernate unless it has somewhere to bury itself. Another thing... you turt may be sick.. you may need to check to see if it has any diseases.

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    I'd re-evaluate the basic needs. The basic needs of a turtle are simple: space, warmth, sun, cleanliness, and varied diet.

    Space- at least 10 gallons per inch length of shell

    Warmth- 75-80F water temps, 90F basking site air temp

    Sun- lighting that offers UV-B rays (try reptile light bulbs)

    Cleanliness- power filter 2-3 times bigger than the same size fishtank needs

    Varied diet- a mix of pellets and live or frozen/thawed 'fish foods' like small fish, bugs, worms, beef heart, shrimp, etc.

    Try for more help.

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    They don't hibernate, If you don't have a heat lap or heater than he may be cold. Most of the time all they do is lay around and eat.

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