Which is better Ipod Video or the Zune?

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    Ahhh yes, they are both really good but I have played around with them and the one with the more features is the Zune. The features that the Zune has that the iPod doesn't is such as the Zune can transfer songs to another persons Zune for up to three days, which is pretty cool.

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    iPod Video. It has a better reputation. The Zune is new and is from Microsoft, so it has two strikes against it right away - it is just more likely to have problems.

    Zune has a few extra things that the iPod does not - an FM receiver built in (you have to buy an FM receiver accessory for the iPod), a slightly larger screen, and WiFi so you can share content with other people. Sounds great, except:

    1. I bought my iPod so I wouldn't have to listen to the radio. I don't consider this a benefit, but that's a personal preference.

    2. Although the screen is larger, so is the entire product. I can put my iPod video in my pocket. The Zune doesn't quite fit. Also, there isn't much video available for the Zune (not like the iPod, which has tons of movies and TV shows and music videos). Who cares if the video screen is bigger if you don't have anything to watch on it?

    3. The WiFi feature sounds really cool, but you can only share certain songs, not all of them, and you can only share them with other Zune owners, and the song expires after three days or three plays (or partial plays), whichever comes first, and they can't share it with someone else, and just turning on the WiFi feature depletes your battery by 10%... so it basically isn't a benefit.

    The Zune screen and interface is prettier than the iPod. That's about the only real advantage it has. The iPod has almost twice as much music available for purchase (over 3.5 million songs vs. over 2 million), has WAY more video available, and has video games available (which Zune doesn't even offer). The iPod has been around longer, so the bugs have been worked out. There are way more accessories available for the iPod, and you can even plug your iPod into some cars - and within 2 years, probably 75 - 80% of new cars will have this capability. Finally, the iPod video comes in the 30GB, same as the Zune, as well as the 80GB, which is enough space to put your entire music collection plus a couple seasons of your favorite TV show, a movie or two, and Tetris and PAC-MAN.

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    i have never even heard of Zune. Im pretty content with my video iPod

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