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What can we do to educate people more about how to stop violence?

I don't know if anyone saw Dateline last night, but they did a really interesting study on people's reactions to things they saw, varying from drunk people getting into cars to getting an extra 100 back at a restaurant. The one thing that is really disturbing is the number of people that won't step in and help someone from being abused by their significant other. Having had firsthand experience in this (I was assaulted in broad daylight when I was pregnant- several people saw- nobody even called for help) I have been working with youth educting them about family violence and how they can prevent it from happening and save others. I am speaking to a group tomorrow and was wondering if anyone else had any kind of input in this area maybe after seeing the show last night..

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  • ken y
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    1 decade ago
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    i hope to see them talk about a girl that stole her neighbors cat

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Of course people are unwilling to step into the middle of a fight they know nothing about. This is because most of the outcomes of their intervention are bad for them. They could end up being injured or killed. They could end up having to spend a lot of time with police detectives and be called up as a witness. Etc.

    And all without knowing of the person they are helping is even worth the effort. Not all abuse victims are good people.

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  • 1 decade ago

    this education HAS to start at home..........and its more along the lines of whats right and wrong..............................this aspect of life is sadly lacking in many many homes.

    As for getting extra cash back had this happen just the other day and told the young lady at the till, you made a could see she began to get cross AT ONCE..........but told her to hush and again showed the money still in my hand, the look of horror on her face when she realised she had given me $10.00 too much was classic.............YES I could have done with the cash but I also know what it is like to make a real mistake and then have to make up the money my self.

    violence leads on from the basics rights and wrongs of the world if a child is not taught what is right or wrong how can they ever hope to get it right WHEN they have to make a judgment call for them selves later on down the line.

    I also feel that here in the USA wayyyyyyyyy to much emphasis is placed on the 'rights' of the kid and it is very much an instant gratification society with little knowledge of boundaries AGAIN all things that must be taught from the get go..............

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think you have to educate people about how to intervene without risking their own safety - people are afraid of being smacked themselves. You have to teach methods of diffusing anger e.g. speaking quieter as the other person gets louder - people can't argue by themselves. You also have to teach that sometime you have to move the victim/ non-aggressot out of the situation rather than the aggressor (it's easier and less dangerous - old bouncer's trick!)

    You also need to overcome the "bystander effect" where people are less likely to intervene if there are other people around because they think "someone else will help". You have to teach "if not you, who else?"

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  • 1 decade ago

    punish abusers enough so that they cannot do it again.


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