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HELP!! i have bad allergys to animals and i work in an animal shelter and have lots of my own pets?

i absolutely loove animals and as of now am not willing to give them up. so does anybody know of a good solution. i take a prescribed medicine like allegra but it doesnt seem to help too much. i also hate needles so allergy shots probably wouldnt work for me either. any good help is welcome. Thanks!!

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    Well, I am not suggesting to do this, because it may just kill ya, but my brother in law used to be allergic to animals, but he loved them so much, he couldn't stand it.

    So he shut himself in a house with a whole bunch of cats and dogs that he borrowed from his friends and had the worst weekend of his life. He was, excuse the pun, sicker than a dog the whole time and about sneezed his brains out.

    Somehow, though, the onslaught of all that animal dander cured him of being allergic to them anymore. He currently has 2 dogs and several cats.

    Of course, he is a bit crazy, so I don't know if I would "try this at home." But it cured him! Who knows!

    Just don't kill yourself trying, I'm not respnsible for that!! LOL I'm just telling the story!

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    I know that the regional county shelter the place I reside would don't have any issues. Help with things like cleansing out cages, going for walks the animals, feeding the animals - to helping when they've adoption drives and take the animals out to show them for adoption - there's no actual training wanted, simply an open and willing coronary heart. Taking along a bag of food is at all times welcomed. The one out in east Texas that my friend works with - you have got to comprehend how one can 'shovel' - as they have the 'big' animals (horses, donkeys, cattle) - and cleaning out pens needs to be performed day-to-day and it is alot of labor. In addition they work with the 'unique' animals (my friend adopted a macaw) reminiscent of lions, tigers, boas, and many others. They receive support from someone that's inclined to support as good as monies to aid feed the animals. Nothing to worry about and hope that you've got plenty of enjoyable as you start doing anything that fairly will have an influence on the life of animals for the simpler.

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    I'm in the same boat. I love animals but I'm allergic to both cats and dogs. I frequently get headaches and my sinuses kill me.

    I try drinking lots and lots of water and washing my hands frequently when dealing with the animals. I also take tylenol sinus to help reduce some of the headaches and congestion.

    As weird as it sounds though, the longer you're around them the more your body will build up an immunity towards them. I stopped getting headaches at home from my cat after a few months and she sleeps right next to my head.

    Good luck!

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    i keep in mind that the community county safeguard the position I stay would don't have any complications. help with such issues as cleansing out cages, walking the animals, feeding the animals - to helping at the same time as they have adoption drives and take the animals out to coach them for adoption - there is not any actual training necessary, basically an open and prepared heart. Taking alongside a bag of nutrition is continually welcomed. the single out in east Texas that my chum works with - you need to carry close a thanks to 'shovel' - as they have the 'massive' animals (horses, donkeys, farm animals) - and cleansing out pens should be performed daily and that is alot of work. in addition they artwork with the 'unique' animals (my chum followed a macaw) which includes lions, tigers, boas, and so on. They settle for help from all of us that's prepared to assist besides as monies to assist feed the animals. not some thing to be stricken about and desire that you've a large number of relaxing as you initiate doing some thing that extremely would have an result on the existence of animals for the more beneficial.

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    You may have to suck it up and face the needles. Regular shots are the best way. You know, you don't have to do that forever, just until your body builds up a resistance.

    But, be warned, ignoring allergy symptoms can lead to more serious problems, like asthma. (Happened to me!) And you do not want to be forced to face it like that, believe me. I now take about seven medications a day and had to rip all of the carpeting out of my house, get rid of my cat, shut my dog out of the bedroom at night, etc.

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    Try to avoid contact with the animal dander. I wear long sleeve shirts, gloves, and a mask when I go outside to play with my dogs. I might look a little weird, but they love me anyway, and it reduces allergic reactions. If you have short hair, wash it before you go to bed so you don't transfer the animal dander to your pillow.

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    my allergys are horrible too!! and i have a dog. i use to take 3 shots every week. one was for dog the other was for dustmites, and the last one was for trees and grass. that help A LOT but it got annoying cuz i had to go every week. now i just take claratin.

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    Increase your allergy medication, and suck it up to get the shots. If you won't give up the animals, then it's your only choice!

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    well i dont of a "midicine" but i can suggest looking in the book "more natural cures revealed" by kevin tredeau and seeing if there is a natural cure to use for it. im not kidding this book has natural herbs that cure diseases like cancer, but arent "realeased" because the gov't cant tax the products im not just crazy. look, it cant hurt can it ????

    also instead of taking medicines that cause other illness's this cures the one u got.

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    Try Flonaise. It has to be prescribed by your doctor. You have to inhale the spray mist through your nose.

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