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How long does it take for Drontol Plus to get rid of worms?

My new puppy has worms, and the vet gave us meds for it yesterday. I was wondering if anybody knows how long it takes for the Drontol Plus to get rid of the worms? Thank You!!

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    The worms will be expelled during the next bowel movement your puppy has. Possibly the next two bowel movements.

    The Drontal goes through the intestinal system and kills the worms on contact. They are then expelled with the rest of the waste.

    The reason a vet may (or may not) prescribe a second dose is to ensure that any parasite eggs (which are not killed by Drontal) would have hatched and therefore the parasite killed by Drontal during the second round.

    Drontal is quite mild for the intestinal system, so your puppy won't feel sick from this medicine.

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    Yes they gave you drontal, not droncit like greekman said. There is a difference Droncit only treats tapeworms, while drontal treats tapeworms, hookworms, and roundworms. At our clinic we gave one dose to start with and one dose in a month to get any stragglers. Your vet should have told you if you needed to retreat it, but they might just treat it again when it comes back for puppy shots. Good luck.

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    It kills them quite quickly, but you MUST repeat it in exactly 14 days, to get rid of the newly hatched worms from leftover eggs, or just stronger worms who have survived.

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