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Would there be radical Muslim terrorists in the world today if the UN had left Palestine to the Palestinians..

in 1947?


Most of the major terrorist organizations in the Mideast sprug up to fight the British imperalists especially in Palestine. And this included Jewish Terrorist groups as well. So I guess it was more the British fault than Israel's fault (at first) but if the Brits had just left Palestine and given it to the Palestinians who were the majority living their at the time I don't think there would have been any more problems with any Muslim terrrorist groups later on.

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    Well, let me agree with you to call them terrorists. I always say if those people were terrorists what about Sharon and Bush, they are the gods of peace. Anyway, those Muslim terrorist were created under the oppression and dominance of U.S and Israel in the area, and under the oppression of their leaders who are ruling their countries because Britain has made them kings and presidents e.g Saudi Arabia and Jordan. USA got these terrorists when reaping what it sowed before......... action and reaction. All the forces of nature follows this theory.

    Of course without the creation of Israel in Palestine there would be less violence and less "terrorists". But don't forget, Iraq and Afghanistan. I mean why would the Palestinians fight if the Jews are still living in Europe?

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    Well I guess we'll never know,but I would say probably not...Creating Israel in Palestine was a mistake which lead to violence...Of course creating Israel there is not the reason why Iraq attacked Kuwait,so I am not saying that without Israel wouldn't have been violence there,but probably radical Muslim terrorism wouldn't have spread in the entire world...And let's not forget the reason why Bin Laden turned against USA,which lead to 9/11...If US would have minded it's own business back in 1991 definitely many things wouldn't have happened...

    But unfortunately we can't change the past so I guess we will keep wondering "what if..."

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    The UN played a major role in creating a new Jewish state, but Jews were emigrating to the area before the UN mandate. Research Zionism, Herzl and the Jewish National Fund. Also do research about Palestinian Nationalism. Arab states support the Palestinians when it is in their best interest, otherwise, they could care less.

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    There was no country called Palestine in 1947, never has been. So your question is rather moot.

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    Yes, because that wouldn't explain Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, bombings in Mali, Indonesia etc.

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