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I ate too much turkey and stuffing this Christmas along with lots of crips and chocolates Help?

My tummy is now expanding over my jeans and I hate that. How do I lose it quickly?

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    Take a laxitive, and drink lots of water, and run.

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    Try to have your last meal before 6:00 pm. Drink lots of water and do exercise ( Walk or dance). Eat some pinapple to clean your stomach. Good luck!!

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    Me too. I've gained 10 pounds over the holidays. Yesterday I went back to lower fat, portion control (really important), and started walking again. I'm hoping if I keep this up those 10 pounds will melt away by my birthday in February.

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    Join the club! Get back to eating in a healthier way (more fruits, vege, and whole grains), drink water not sugary drinks, and maybe get in a bit more exercise.

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    Don't try to lose it to quickly just exercize drink lots of water and no suger/alcohol.

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