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I need a new Firewall freeware, what do you suggest?

My Microsoft Security-center wont start up anymore????


Thanks game-meister

I went with Zonealarm, consider Norton also.

Maybe a little investment is in order.

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    Like the other person said, Zone Alarm is the best firewall on the market, and you can download the no frills version for free.

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  • snvffy
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    ZoneAlarm from Zone Labs

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    all here are freeware: Registry Cleaners: CCleaner Eusing loose Registry secret agent ware/spyware Cleaners: Spybot seek and ruin advert-conscious SE very own Firewalls: Zone Alarm very own Firewall Kerio Firewall Engine Antivirus: AVG loose Antivirus

  • Anonymous
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    Zonealarm or Keirio

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    go to c-net browse for what u want to use,,,,,i think investing in Norton is a very good alarm works but is easy to hack

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    if u want a free firewall go to zone alarm but for free antivirus get nortan antivirus. you can get it free from

    Hope this helps

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