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T-Mobile phone with Cingular Service?

O.k. So I received a T-Mobile Sidekick 2 for Christmas from a friend. I have Cingular service. Can I use the chip from my Cingular phone in the T-Mobile SK2? The phone should be here today. I didn't want to ask the person that gave me the gift cause I didn't want to seem rude. Or any places you knwof that can help me so that the chip does work?

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    What you want to do works with most T-Mobile phones (you just have to get T-Mobile to unlock them which requires you be a customer in good standing for the last 90 days with at least 90 days since your last unlock)

    However, the Sidekick is different. They won't unlock it and with good reason. Trying to use a Sidekick on another network is a bad idea. It relies on the Danger server too much (Danger makes the Sidekick) and, at best, it won't work even close to correctly with Cingular.

    If you insist on trying, I've heard of people who will unlock it. But seriously, it's a bad idea. It won't work as a Sidekick. Even normal data won't work. At best it'll be a big, clunky, overpriced plain phone with no data features at all.

    Better idea - get a prepaid account for it and use it like it was meant to be used or sell it on eBay.

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    Just want to say that normally, you'd be pretty much right on, though you might need to get your new phone unlocked by calling either the phone's carrier or your carrier. But the Sidekick probably won't even work properly (well, it'll work as a phone, probably, but not for everything else) outside the T-Mobile network.

    Also, the SideKick is T-Mobile's absolute number one cash cow. It's an attractive device that they have exclusive use of, and it's what gets them most of their new customers. (Sales even went UP after Paris Hilton's was hacked.) Even if the SideKick were interoperable on other GSM networks, and was totally secure, I bet heavily that they wouldn't do it unless they were liquidating their network assets.

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    -tell your pal to call Cingular (or you do it, it doesnt count), tell them you will shuttle distant places (make up a popularity) the place Cingular service isn't obtainable, and ask them in case you have got the Blackberry 8700G unlocked. in many circumstances they are going to do it for you for loose. -or you will pay around 20 dollars or some thing to have somebody else liberate the telephone for you. attempt ebay, they are going to wish your IMEI # as quickly as the telephone is unlocked, virtually you need to use it with the different amenities with an suitable SIM card (Cingular and TMobile for useful). to your case, merely placed your TMobile SIM card into the telephone and you're good to bypass. good success

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    Mark is correct, your best bet would be to sell it as brand new on Ebay. You should get good money for it, then purchase a new unlocked phone that has the features you are looking for. In the end you might just end up with a much better phone for your needs


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