When do you split the pot or use a kicker in Texas Hold 'em?

I know that is the case with a pair, and 2 pairs, but does it matter if both have the same 3 of a kind, same high flush, or same full house, or is th epot split between the players with the same hand?


I understand, But sometimes, there are 2 people holding Jacks for example, and the remaining 2 are on the table... Now there are 2 people with three of a kind... Does the kicker count at that point or is the pot split?!?!?

Update 2:

And for a full house... If there are 2 pairs on the table... J - J - 3 - 2 - 2. If there are 2 people on the pot, and both have J's... But one has an Ace while the other has a 10... Does the kicker count?

This soed not happen often, but it does happen.

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    A 3 of a kind will have two kickers.

    In Hold 'em If two players have a flush, then it must be of the same suit. If the high card is on the table, compare the second best, then the third best. The only way you can tie with the same flush is if all five community cards are the same suit, and neither player has a card of that suit in their hand higher than the lowest card on the table. Very unlikely.

    Full houses don't have kickers, as they use all five cards, but Aces full beats Kings full, and so on.

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    A kicker is used if fewer than 5 cards are used to make the hand. Therefore, the same flush, full house, or straight does NOT use a kicker, because the hand requires all 5 cards. The same 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind does use the other card(s) as kickers to make a full 5 card hand.

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    you are making something complicated that isn't. i don't even know what you are asking. the best 5 cards win. if it is a tie you split. if the best five cards is the board, everybody still in the hand splits the pot. simple

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