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I have a good Idea for a video game How do I send it to a company to make it and how and what companies shou

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    Most companies are not short on ideas for video games. You will probably need to already have a job at a video game company before you will be in a position to suggest your game idea.

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    You would probably want to find a company that is just starting out. Something small and still trying to gather ideas and people and get in touch with them. Just look up on yahoo or google some video game companies in your area and do a little research on them. If they look new enough and small enough you most likely could easily get in to speak with someone.

    Source(s): My brother started up his own game company a few years ago.
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    Game companies don't normally like to take ideas from people outside their company. You could try making it yourself. Microsoft has game creation software available for free. It's called XNA Game Studio Express. It's supposed to be fairly easy to use. I haven't tried it myself yet, but it looks ok. The link to download it is below.

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    contact ea games

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    google it

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