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A question to believers about evolution?

Would you say there is equal probability for crystaline compounds forming in nature (quartz, diamond, etc.) and organic compounds forming in nature (Amino Acids, Lipids, etc.)?

We can and have observed the formation of crystaline compounds in controlled circumstances. We have even witnessed the creation of organic compounds in controlled circumstances. It doesn't take a big leap to posit that crystaline substances do occur in nature... in fact you can find evidence in any quary or mine. Similarly, it wouldn't be hard to imagine organic compounds forming through natural chemical processes.

With that said, it doesn't take a great leap of faith to know there is a good probability that organic compounds can form, unaided, in nature. There is then a great probability that this is how life itself got started.

Your thoughts?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Sho-Nuff took care of this one, but he stated something that isn't such a bad thing. If people are stating that "god did it", then we can say "why didn't he tell us so" and they can say "he did its in the bible" and so on and so on... This is a dead issue. Evolution has been proven. Questions regarding the subject seem only to p|ss off the extremists, who aren't in touch with reality anyway. If religious people want to say that god did it, that's fine. If thats how they fit it into their belief system- great! Its a step in the right direction at least. Just so that doesn't end up trying to step its way into the school system- that would definitely put us right back in the same boat we started in- you know... "the shallow end of the gene pool..."

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  • How did the proper enviornment for them to form come about? If it was any form of environmental evolution then all that actually happend was the winning of a galactic lottery where the mathematical chances are so high that I personally found it much more logical to accept the concept of intelligent desighn or enven outright creation. I only know of one test where a controlled enviorment had orgainic substance form in a replication of theorized ancient atmospheres and that was later proven to be because of faulty setup and that particular theory of atmosphere was later disproven as well. There may be others I am unaware of, but the point is still the same. The controlled enviorments still take intelligence to setup and prepare. It is really hard to sceintifically postualte random chances. Also with amino acids and protiens, DNA is imformation. I f you found Moby Dick laying in the woods you would assume a tree just sucke up some ink and it wrote itself. Why do we do the same with DNA and tertiary protiens?

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  • 1 decade ago

    It would not be hard to imagine a biologist with a brian either but we don't find them do we. It is a vast leap to even compare crystaline compounds to life on this planet. The math alone in atest to the implosability of life not being designed from the beginning. This same nature you are speaking of has designed with in it structure tools to prevent evoluation from taking place on a macro scale. Example: the alphe male destorys all defect offsprings in the pride. Evolulation speak about mutation bring forth useful mutation, problem is now have ever existed or been found. All mutations are actually a DNA breakdown a malfunction. And they most often cause the death of the host. They cause sickness and the like not super powers. More then that is the fact that life can't come about in a closed system in stages because all of nature is co-dependant. You can't have for examples millions of years of plants then animals. Why you might ask. Because the seeds are actually germinated by the animals in a vast number most of the plants and this they been doing that from the beginning. Teachers in evolution forget that in DNA there are only a few compounds used yeat we have billions of plants and animals as a resure of these 4 acids. Do the math on that, it is not by Chance. Time pressure heat or cold light or darkness ect. are what determines all the this planets life. And not one of these has ever been stable they all very and have thur out all known history. But science tries to say they are stable when in fact they are not. You figuare out what that mean. Life did not come from nothing it came from God.

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  • 1 decade ago

    How are crystaline compounds and organic compounds, especially those of sufficient complexity to give form to what we call 'life', even remotely comparable?

    And here's a question for you... why can't a person believe in both evolution and creation? Take chemistry for example... there are a limitless number of compounds inventors take credit for creating. But did they actually create anything? Did they bring matter into existence? No... they set the stage for a reaction to take place... that's it. Why, then, is it not possible for God's 'creation' to have been, in effect, nothing more than putting the right ingredients, in the right proportions, into the flask he called earth, and with the help of selected catalysts, producing life?

    7 days is a short time, if you take the bible literally. But I'd think the concept of creation spanning millions of years might be quite difficult to communicate or comprehend. Isn't is possible that those days weren't 24 hours in length? Isn't it possible that creationism and evolution can co-exist?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Crystals are easy. Organic compounds are found in nature. Earth is not a sterile environment. Where there's a spontaneously formed organic compound, there a bacterium that sees it as lunch. Creationists will use the result of their elimination to claim it never happened.

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  • 1 decade ago

    How can an arguement be won when you agree with everything we state, then add GOD DID IT to the end of it. Circular, illogical reasoning.

    It doesnt take a leap of faith. We can create crystaline formations in a lab - and we can mine them from under the surface of the earth. So, they are there and they exist - because they most likely formed in the same way that they formed in the lab. Not because God put them there.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Back to square one.

    First, living things came from non-living things. Then, living things cannot come form non-living things. And now : living things indeed came from non-living things.

    Yes, what goes around, comes around, indeed!!

    Let me run three names by you: Sir Fred Hoyle, Dr. Francis Crick, Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe. Recognize any of those names?

    "Precious little in the way of biochemical evolution could have happened here on the earth. If one counts the number of trial assemblies of amino acids that are needed to give rise to the enzymes, the probability of their discovery by random shuffling turns out to be less than one in then to the 40 thousand". (Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe).

    These are not the only world-renown non-Christian scientists that do not accept Darwinian evolution; there are many more.

    So, I do not concede you point.

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  • Manny
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    What is chemistry but the oblivion impinged upon desire and necessity. This explanation of yours lack truth if you believe its outcome before your love.

    We all create our surroundings, if someone else goes for its presence it could be just simpathy, so creation is the will of the senses against the fulfillance of simpathy, rather clear.

    Simpathy absorvs, desire emanates, one draws prana, the other sends manas. They are both magical, concrete, touchy, senseless, brutal, eager to comply and very ansious to see its results, as evolution and disdain are opposite in turn and chance.

    They are the era of forgiveness and the command of impetuous virtue. So these four actually create the I ching without further delay, sending these natural incipients to wizardry and must. Our choices send energic chowder putty and controlling straw dogs in opposite directions, not to mean matter and such but yin and yang, the creative leaders of change and perception itself.

    Together they are tao, the imaginative source of serenity and peace, the one true force behind the awakening of kundalini and mitral. Some will see this as prana, it is also ki.

    Both are you and this is also true. Both form sex and sex does everything without coercing or becoming. Thus is knowledge.

    Matter is the oblivion of prana and ki shaping into yin and yang to be perceivable and true to senses, as well as be of proper and common usage and assiatance. It is not all in pair numbers, glitches form usage of damage to create isomeras and iterations, both are useless against weaponry and medicine, but are quite useful in mounting around knowledge and respect. Science is to profit largely because of this alone, so is our capacity and sufficiency. Bye.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Since the Universe has always existed without man of God's help, and given enough time, this process could have created God (he had to come from somewhere).

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Create life then we will talk.

    Put up or shut up.

    Man will never create anything except from that which already exists.

    Say you create an organism.

    Did you create the matter first?

    NOT !!

    Man will never create a living organism or being.

    Why? Because his time is limited.

    A flesh man has maybe 80 years then He dies.

    How much time, thought, and learning do you put in to this subject?

    A fraction of that time spent studying God's Word,

    would open your eyes.


    Your soul can be eternal.

    It's your decision.


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