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Can i use aquarium salt for brine shrimp?

i bought a pack of aquirium salt and my brine shrimp tank is getting dirty and i want to clean it but i dont know if i should put all of my brine shrimp in the aquirium because i dont want them to die.

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    Brine shrimp hatch best in full salt water, so use marine salt at 1/2 cup per gallon.

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    You wasted 15 points on a question you didn't even think out clearly??? If you put the shrimp in your regular aquarium, the fish will EAT them. That means they die, unless you are going to dedicate yet another tank to brine shrimp. What exactly do you mean?

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    There should be instructions on the aquarium salt package for mixing it to the proper concentration for brine shrimp. What brand of salt is it?

    Off the top of my head, I believe Doc Wellfish aquarium salt is 8 tablespoons per gallon for hatching brine shrimp.

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    what else is in the aquarium?

    go to when you regestar on that page its free it will ask you who told you about this page freak_fish is my hubbys name on that page so Freak_Fish recomended you and remember to use the underscore and the people in that sight are great they know more about fish then most people on hear do so just try them out good luck

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    Yes that is safe...why are u hatching shrimp?

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    I would like to help, but I don't see the question clearly.

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    sure can...

    here's how to raise them

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