Young Music Lovers! Can you name what recent hit songs are borrowing from the following old RAP songs?

Swass -- Sir Mix A Lot

Supersonic -- JJ Fad

I Wonder If I Take You Home -- Lisa Lisa & the Cult Jam

Please list the new song & artist.

Isn't that what rap was criticized for in the begining? I guess everything comes full circle. I think the only difference is rap used popular songs to remind you of/celebrate the original creativity, while the artist using the music mentioned above knows that teenagers know nothing about the originals.

I have to explain to my 11 year-old why I know the rhythm or WORDS to a song that was newly released.

Keep the HISTORY of music ALIVE!

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    Chingys 'Pullin Me Back' beat was from an old song by SWV

    Big Poppa by Notorious BIG uses the 'Between the Sheets' beat

    Kanye West's Through the Wire has Chaka Khan

    Beyonce re-did a song by Luther Vandross

    I can only think of a few right now...

  • 4 years ago

    no longer something incorrect with 80s hair band ( Van halen, Pantera , incredibly rebellion, Snider and twisted sister, Skid Row, Ratt , Bon Jovi, Cindarella, Saxon, Dokken, Def Lepard.......) i do in comparison to poison nonetheless for some reason or yet another.

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