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I wanna dye my hair blue-black and permently relax it.....?

i have a medium skin tone w/ some yellowish tone in it. Do u think it will look good on someone like me? plus, if i permently relax it will it fall off?

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    I think you'll have to pick one. That would do SO much damage to your hair, it might fall out. Any professional that is willing to do that much damage to your hair has some serious issues. Go natural. It really isnt that bad.

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    i really dont know but are you light skinned or brown skinned???there are alot of "medium" skinned people out there but i think if you put a rinse in after you relax it ur hair wont fall out

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    Please don't dye and relax at the same time ! it will fall out in clumps ! my niece's fell out in big clumps ! you should wait at lest 1 week after dyeing before you relax !

    Source(s): it hapend to my niece
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    Think twice dear, before you dye your hair blue black, as black hair doesn't always cover your colour.

    I had chestnut hair, dyed it blone and when I dyed it black, my hair came multicolored !!!

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    sorry i'd have to see a picture of you first to tell whether it would suit you or not.

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    Do you have African American hair? Is your hair healthy?

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