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has anyone evryhad surgery for ectopic pregnacy and if so have you tried to get pregnant?

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    Yes, just make sure your surgeon does these types of surgeries frquently. The odds will be lower and you don't want to lower it more by having an average surgeon perform it.

    Pregnancy is possible.

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    Yes. I had my left tube removed following an ectopic pregnancy that was pretty far along. That was my very first pregnancy and though I had a couple other bumps along the road, I'm happy to report I did have a healthy pregnancy and my son is now 1 1/2.

    According to

    Approximately 30% of women who have had ectopic pregnancies will have difficulty becoming pregnant again. Your prognosis depends mainly on the extent of the damage and the surgery that was done.

    If the fallopian tube has been spared, the chances of a future successful pregnancy are 60%. Even if one fallopian tube has been removed, the chances of having a successful pregnancy with the other tube can be greater than 40%.

    The likelihood of a repeat ectopic pregnancy increases with each subsequent ectopic pregnancy. Once you have had one ectopic pregnancy, you face an approximate 15% chance of having another.

    Good luck!

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    I had a ectopic pregnancy in 2001 then i found out that tube was blocked and there was nothing they could do for it. We went to a fertility Dr and nothing so i gave up and now i am 21 weeks pregnant with a little girl with no help at all so do not give up it will happen.

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    My friend got pregnant 3 months after she had surgery for an ectopic pregnancy.

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    My step-mother had an ectopic pregnancy that ruptured one of her tubes and had to have it removed. She went on to have 4 kids after that. You will probably be able to have a baby too. Take your time, try to be patient and good luck!

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    Yes, I had surgery and eventually got pregnant 4 years later. My doctor told me the chances of me getting pregnant were slim but not impossible, and I now have 3 children. If you have any concerns talk to your doctor and see what your chances are. Good luck!

  • I have not but I have assisted in the actual surgery, if they were able to save the tube it is recommended to wait till proper healing before trying to get pregnant, but you should be able to concieve as normal. If the tube had to be taken out still wait for healing, but you can get pregnant it might be harder though you have cut your egg supply in half.

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    Lots of people have this type of surgery for this kind of pregnancy and they indeed get pregnant after,

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    i had surgury for it and i did not want to get pregnant again but i can expect you can, well you must do, although i only have one tube now. Anyway i am 47 now so i don,t want kids but if you are young you can go on to have them. I have already got five. Get bonking. if you want a baby.

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    I had my left tube removed because of eptopic preg. that was 2 years ago and i am still trying to get preggers

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