1995 Mazda MX6 smoking heavily and overdrive on/off light flashing when coming to a stop!?

Recently when I first start my Mazda each day a large puff of gray smoke poors our my muffler. Also I am having trouble when slowing down to a stop it feels like my transmission just stops working and sometimes the overdrive on/off light will flash repeatedly. When I step on the gas pedal to continue my car will hesitate before finally catching and will slam into gear and move. This doesnt happen on every stop. I know I need to take it to a mechanic but I would like some sort of an idea what the problem could be when dealing with the mechanics. Should I be ready to replace the transmission/get a new vehichle? Any help would be nice :)

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    Well honestly I can not tell you exactly what is wrong but I can tell you you have at least two separate issues.

    The first one the grey smoke is possibly that it is burning oil or that you have a blown head gasket. Normally a blown head gasket the smoke is more white in color and is actually steam rather than smoke. You will also notice that the tailpipe drips more water than normal.

    Check you oil level and if it is low it may indicate that you are burning oil. With an older car like yours t is possible that your piston rings are allowing oil to get into the combustion chamber and the grey smoke may be the indicator. May be time for a new car if so as you will not pass emissions if this is the case.

    Transmission issue, most likely you tranny is going out, however first check your transmission level, check your owners manual for information on how to check both your oil and tranny fluids.

    Good luck, but it may be time for a newer vehicle.


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    Well white smoke out the tail pipe means moister or burning oil so the oil rings in the engine are probably getting bad. what you can do to help this problem a little is to use an oil treatment or use a thicker oil.

    As for your transmission the auto trans in those cars are very week units and require good up keep form day one so with that said i would say the clutches are bad and giving out there slipping so you may need a new trans if you get an rebuilt i would recommend a trans cooler on the rebuilt unit it will help make it last longer.

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    IT sounds like a short in your overdrive switch. And the gray smoke could be your motor is ruining rich. Or your rings are bad.

    it should cost about 300 to 500 to fix it.

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