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Anonymous asked in Games & RecreationHobbies & Crafts · 1 decade ago

making a quilt from ribbons (award ribbons)?

i somewhere heard that theres a way you can make a quilt from ribbons? can you and do u know where i can learn how--a website or something?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I saw one of these at our county fair two years ago - it was really cool! They had it front and center when you entered the home arts department and the ribbons were from one family with a three generation history of involvement with our county fair.

    I quilt (amoung other things) and was a volunteer demonstrator at the fair all week - my station was right next to this quilt so I really got to take some good hard looks at it.

    The ribbons were stitched directly onto the backing, with a zig-zag stitch that straddled the edge of the ribbon. Because of the texture/nature of the material and the embossing, this is not a quilt that should be used on a bed or washed, they're more of a wall display. There were also some photograph transfers onto fabric of fair activities stitched into the quilt.

    If you are planning to use it on the wall and never wash it, you could probably simplify the process by using a light waterbase glue or spray adhesive to hold the ribbons in place while you stitch them. You could also use two sided fusible webbing, but I'd test it first because some ribbons might scorch or melt.

    To simplify your work you could work in blocks or sections, then stitch the sections together. The sections could have the same or different patterns depending on the shapes, colors of your ribbons. You could also embellish with beads, sequins or other small ornaments that would coordinate with the theme of your awards.

    Geez, I'm getting myself all excited about your project and looking at my own fair ribbons now...

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