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How do you put your iTunes on a laptop?

I have my iTunes on my computer and I want to know how to put them all on my laptop. My iTunes are on CDs.

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    Just insert the CD and Itunes should read it and ask you if you want to import and just click yes.

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    If you already have the iTunes program installed on your laptop, go ahead and open it, like you are going to listen to music. When you put your music cd in the cd drive, more than likely, iTunes will see that there are music files on the disc, and will ask you if you want to import those tunes into your library. Click yes, and it will automatically start the import. You will hear a little chripy noise at the end when the program is through importing the songs from the cd. This also works if you have regular music cd's and are wanting to add them to your iTunes library. GOOD LUCK!!!

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    rip the music to a cd . use the playlist to make some cds

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    You can't.

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