If you believe Jesus is God, can you answer these questions please?

If Jesus is God and not just a man...

1) Why would he have to be conceived, and birthed? Why couldn't he just come down to Earth? And where was he before he was born? Because there's no mention of him anywhere.

2) How can God die? Why did he need the other God (the Father) to resurrect him? Couldn't he do that himself?

3) Why did Jesus perform his miracles by praying to God (the Father) and asking him to perform the miracle, instead of doing them himself?

4) Why were Jesus' miracles limited to the people in his vicinity, and not the entire Earth? Why did he pick and choose the small amount of people he helped, and then left everyone else on Earth to continue suffering?

5) Why would Jesus, who is God and therefore perfect, need to spend 40 days in the wilderness fasting and letting himself be tempted? Isn't he God, and perfect? Isn't it pointless to tempt perfection?


Thank you to snowsnake for being the only one to actually attempt to answer the questions so far.

I was raised a Christian, and have studied the Bible intensely, both as a Christian and as an atheist. I am not asking for an explanation of the Bible.

I am asking for an explanation for the apparent contradictions between Jesus being God and his life and actions, which do not reflect his God-ness.

Update 2:

Thanks again to everyone actually attempting to answer the questions, instead of avoiding them or condemning me.

I just wanted to see what the logic was behind your belief.

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    Logical and critical questions make baby Jesus and his apologists cry.

    You've placed this question in the middle of what I like to call a church racetrack... because you're going to see a lot of Christians running in circles around it.

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    I like your questions. They make people reason and think rather than respond in a knee-jerk fashion and rely on emotion to the exclusion of logic.

    1. Indeed, why WOULD God be conceived. In fact, HOW could God be conceived? The scriptures teach that God has always existed and has always been God. It doesn't qualify that by saying God has always been God EXCEPT for that one time when he was conceived as a human being.

    2. God cannot die. The scriptures are quite clear on this matter. It is impossible for God to die. And the scriptures do not give a qualification, such as God cannot die UNLESS he comes to earth as a human being.

    3. Good question. Jesus taught that his authority came from his father whom he referred to as God. He could not do these things on his own.

    4. Well, they were limited because they were merely a foregleam of what Jesus would do in the future earthwide. Everyone's suffering will soon end.

    5. Another good reasoning point. God Almighty is perfect in the absolute sense. Therefore, he does not need to learn anything including perfection. And scriptures clearly teach that God cannot be tempted. Some will resort to the qualification above - saying that since he became human, he could be tempted as a human. But that is illogical. If God is God, then he is always God. And what human can override God? Some teach that Jesus was a man and God Almighty at the same time. Are we to believe then that the "human" part of him overrode the "God" part?

    In the final analysis, your questions combined with the Bible in its entirety, assist us in recognizing that Jesus was a human being. He himself taught that his Father was the only true God. He himself worshiped God Almighty.

    The scriptures teach that Jesus was a human on earth, and is now a powerful spirit creature in the heavens. Is he a god? Yes. Is he the only true God? No. He identified his father as the only true God at John 17:3. Can there be a god and that one not be the true God Almighty? Yes, even Satan is a god (2 Corinthians 4:4). Surely we do not believe that Satan is God Almighty just because the scriptures call him a "god"!

    Hannah J Paul

  • 1) Why would he have to be conceived, and birthed? Why couldn't he just come down to Earth? And where was he before he was born? Because there's no mention of him anywhere.

    Humility. Jews were expecting a mighty king, not some lowly little baby. God has a habit of doing things contrary to what man thinks. I've noticed in my own experience that God accomplishes things through his own creation and through some big divine intervening all the time.

    He was God, the old testament talks a lot about him. Whenever someone in the old testament talked about seeing a man and know it was the Lord they were talking about Jesus. That's my theory anyways.

    2) How can God die? Why did he need the other God (the Father) to resurrect him? Couldn't he do that himself?

    God the Father didn't die, God the Son did or his flesh did.

    Because Jesus was fully man and subject to death as any other human. He set aside his deity to become human in order to be our advocate. Being human we had something to relate to, how can you relate to a God which no human has every seen? How can you trust someone to know what you're gonig through having not gone through it yourself?

    In a way, he did do that himself but you get into what is called the Trinity. 3 roles, one God. Takes a while to explain.

    3) Why did Jesus perform his miracles by praying to God (the Father) and asking him to perform the miracle, instead of doing them himself?

    Jesus is still the Son of God. Not God the Father. Just like us, He prayed to the Father.

    4) Why were Jesus' miracles limited to the people in his vicinity, and not the entire Earth? Why did he pick and choose the small amount of people he helped, and then left everyone else on Earth to continue suffering?

    He came first for the Jew. That's where the Jews were. The rest of the world was up to the rest of the Christians. We haven't done such a great job. Those healed by the miracles had faith. What kind of faith would the world have if it did not seek out Jesus for healing? No, those who experienced miracles sought out the saviour and had faith in him.

    Also, suffering is the result of human sin. Sin is the result of freewill and disobedience. Why reward disobedience with miracles? It makes more sense to reward faith with miracles, no?

    5) Why would Jesus, who is God and therefore perfect, need to spend 40 days in the wilderness fasting and letting himself be tempted? Isn't he God, and perfect? Isn't it pointless to tempt perfection?

    He was perfect because He did not sin. Jesus was fully man and subject to the same tempatations as the rest of us. How can he be our advocate without having our weaknesses and without going through what we went through?

    Maybe people get it backwards...

    Being human he is subject to sin, but because he did not sin he was considered perfect. Perfect in that he followed the letter of the Jewish law to the 'T' and even went beyond it.

    I guess it was pointless to temp the son of God but kudos to Satan for trying?

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    1. He had to be born of flesh but born SINLESS in order that He might gain entry back onto Earth (His authority had been usurped by Satan when Adam and Eve squandered it at Eden) to spread the Gospel and NOT be subjected to the very sin-curse placed on man after Adam and Eve's expulsion from the Garden of Eden.

    2. Jesus (God manifested in flesh), NOT God the Father had to die to be the "propitiation for our sins" as the Scripture puts it, for animal sacrifice simply wasn't enough anymore due to the fact that animals couldn't reason with God on our behalf and be a willing sacrifice. Jesus WAS resurrected on the third day to fulfill several prophecies concerning death, Hell, the grave, and even science (I'll explain that another time if you like). If He hadn't resurrected when He did, neither His physical sacrifice nor His spiritual teaching would've survived due to being discounted as tragedy and nonsense.

    3. These things were done (as were many things in His ministry) as an EXAMPLE unto us as the Christians and the Church so that we would learn how to pray, perform miracles of our own and all the other things God said we'd be able to do. Besides, there were a few miracles that Jesus perfomed without ANY MENTION of Him having to pray first, so there would be NO DENYING of His power manifested in the FLESH He walked in so that we could see that also by FAITH we could perfom the same and even greater!

    4. Who said anything about "everyone else on Earth suffering?" Remember, the Council of Nicea canonized the texts that became the KJV Bible and led to all the many modern translations at our disposal today. He didn't "pick and choose" all of these people either; many sought HIM out, such as the woman with the issue of blood. Who knows where in recorded history that God's influence may have been felt? Remember, Gentiles (all non-JEWS) were at one time considered no higher than DOGS, therefore we weren't WORTHY of God in any fashion! Thankfully, He chose to use us and redeem us and help us make ourselves worthy!

    5. Yes, it is pointless! Once again, this was an example needed to show that even in weakness, it was possible to retain one's salvation. Remember the story of Job in the OT? Same scenario.

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    1. In the eternity, Christ wants brethern - thats brothers and sisters - he came in the flesh just as you and I were made to do. Of course there is mention of him before he came in the flesh;

    he was present from the beginning - when Jesus came in the flesh, he was the Living WORD OF GOD made flesh. When you read the Bible, THATS Jesus Christ. John 1:1 - In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the WORD WAS GOD.

    2. God the Father did not have to resurrect Him - of course He could do it himself. As a matter of fact, after he died on the cross, while still in the "tomb" during the three days, Jesus wasn't just laying around "dead" - he was doing the work of the Father - He went to Satans very door and preached to those who died before he was crucified so that all the people from the beginning would have an equal part in the forgiveness of sins.

    3. Because Jesus' time here in the flesh was a teaching to you and I on how to live, how to pray, etc. He is our example.

    4. Just because folks lived in the area where Christ walked does not mean that they were all helped. Again, Jesus was performing those miracles as a testiment to you and i today, that he is the true Son of the Living God. When somebody brings a person back from the dead, its hard to dispute that theres something special going on here, you know?

    5. The 40 days in the wilderness and the temptation by Satan is one of the most important lessons in scripture. This teaches us about the very m.o. of Satan - how he operates, how to handle him. When antichrist comes, he will come in prosperly and peacefully disguised as Jesus Christ. This teaching tells you how he will be - he will offer you the whole world and everything in it, if only you will worship him.

    There is alot of deeper knowledge to be gained from scripture, and unfortunately much of it is not taught.

    Source(s): King James Bible
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    Many questions for just one answer. I'll give it a try just in case you are serious.

    1) Isaiah 9:6For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

    7Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this.

    John 8:58

    Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am.

    2) Jesus was half man half God. The half man had to die. Flesh and blood cannot enter heaven. Nobody killed Jesus. Jesus gave His life willingly.

    3) Jesus was half man half God. Jesus and His Father don't fight for Superiority like we do.

    4) Salvation came to the Jews first, then the Gentiles.

    5) Jesus needed to be tempted in every way that we get tempted so He could better understand us and be a more righteous judge.

    Source(s): I answered every question biblically correct.
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    1) He could have "just come down to earth", and someday He will - but He wanted to come as a human being, and human beings come into existence through conception and birth. Yes, there is mention of Him, in the beginning of John's gospel. "In the beginning was the Word; and the Word was with God; and the Word was God". Jesus is described several places in Scripture as "the Word of God" and "the Word made flesh".

    2) How can God die? Only by becoming human - which is precisely the reason He became human. He did not need Gof the Father to resurrect Him. He said "destroy this temple and in three days I WILL raise it up". He also said "I lay down My life so that I may take it up again. No one takes it away from Me, but I lay it down on My own initiative. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it up again."

    3) He didn't. In a few cases He addresses the Father before performing the miracle, but He performed every miracle by His own authority, usually without any reference to the Father at all. The blind man said to Him, "if it be your will Lord, that I may see". Jesus immediately said "I do will it", and then cured Him. There are numerous other examples. Could you cite one instance where Jesus asked the father to perform a miracle?

    4) He didn't. Jesus founded one Church, to bring the message of salvation and the human services to the whole world. That Church has been doing so for 2,000 years. It currently operates more schools, hospitals, hospices, and other sources of physical/social human services than all other churches combined. And that is in addition to provideing the holy sacraments, through which His people can receive the same healing graces He personally provided during His short stay on earth.

    5) Yes, Jesus is God, but He is also man - a man like us in ALL things but sin. As a man, He did what was difficult for a man to do, in order to provide for us an example by which we could grow in holiness. For the same reason, He was baptised. Not because He needed it, but because we do, and He wanted to emphasize the absolute necessity of such spiritual growth. He is not a God who sits in heaven and says "you doen there, do this, do that". He is a God who has become one of us, and gently says "follow Me, I will show you the way".



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    I just thought i would way in on the JW that responded. They are a cult period. And nuts to boot, They deny the corss of Christ, Christ divine origian and his being the only begotton of God and call him a angle making him less then God. Like a said a cult and nuts.

    Your answers are in the bible get one, I recomment the large print and you might want to go to a church for a time and lisen. A good church to start out with it a baptist church then go to a penecostal church for a time. The first will teach you the facts of the whole thing the second will teach you about faith.

    I can tell by your posting you really have not read the bible much. Jessu said I and the father are one. He said if you have seen me you have seen the Father.

    Jesus has been doing meracles all over the earth. Even to this day.

    Jesus was teaching us in the wilderness experence it was for out educaton.

    Jesus died he is the son of God he came out of GOd for this reason to die for the sin of the world. He is a part of God not the sum of God. thus he can die and yeat live.

    You wee conceived and birthed because it pleased God that you exist. He did come to earth he is Jesus. All of creation atest to Gods existence. But you have to seek him to find him.

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    1) I believe He could have just come to earth, but chose to go through childhood to experience what it's like to be a human.

    2) Yes, God could've lived, but He chose to die and take all our sins upon Him for our sakes. He said, "It is finished." and laid down His own life. He went to Hell to free sinners. Does it say in the Bible that God the Father ressurected Jesus? Not sure. I just remember God turning His back on His Son.

    3) I agree with the other poster that Jesus prayed to show it was a divine healing. It was to show reverance to His Father.

    4) Good question. I hadn't really thought about it.

    5) I believe that Jesus took on all human qualities. I think he was tempted just like you or I would be. I can't remember where I heard this but it made an impression on me: When Jesus was a baby He probably put things in his mouth, he probably cried when he was wet or hungry, Mary probably had to tell Him "No" when he put rocks in his mouth. Growing up Christian I thought of Jesus being perfect meant he never struggled with anything and was always good natured and happy.

    He spent that time in the wilderness with Satan being tested. Maybe he was building up strength for what He knew must happen. I mean if it was me I wouldn't have wanted to go through all the suffering He went through just for some sinners. You know?

    Great questions! They really made me think. I'll never waver in my belief that Jesus was the Son of God, or that God exists, but it's great to keep your mind fresh with questions!

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    Not to suggest that your questions are without merit but...

    It takes a lot of energy on our part to expound the entire story of the Bible, over and over again. You really should just study the Bible for yourself and find the answers there. It seems like everyone wants things handed to them anymore. What you are literally asking for is a complete explanation of the Bible. I've already just done that several times in the last few days. So again, read the Bible. It pretty much explains itself most of the time if you read far enough.

    OR if you like, you can go to my profile and browse the questions that I have already answered, and read my lengthy explanations there. It's up to you.

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    God is perfect, and does not need to come down to prove His existence, everything around you is proof! What more do you need?

    God did not die, and never will. He has always been there, there is nothing before Him, and nothing after Him. He has no sons or children, nor was He, Himself a child. He has no parents or partners. He is The One God.

    Jesus was not His son, but was a Prophet, a Messenger.

    Jesus performed Mircales through the Will of God, such as healing the blind, and the leper, and speaking to people in the cradle.

    And Jesus is not God, he did not say he was God, and there are far too many contradictions in the Bible. You see Mark saying he said he was the son of God, and then Mathew, who says He called on to thy Lord. So what's going on?

    Heres a link which tells you the truth about Jesus.



    About the Bible and contradictions.




    There authenticity of the Bible and the Qur'aan


    And then heres a series of links that you will enjoy!

    "Sorry if the following answer offends you, in anyway directly, or indirectly. I have nothing against Christians, I just want to lay down the truth infront of them. And again sorry"

    I don't think there is anyone that has read the whole bible with full understanding to it, that's still a chrisitian.... because how can someone read the whole bible inside out and still be a chrisitian when it has many contradictions and lies? [sorry if your offended]

    About the Trinity?

    There is no Trinity...its fake....and I can't be asked to explain and refute it right now....too tired.... so just read all of this....


    Simple as ABC....where can you go wrong :)

    Heres something for the Jehovah Witnesses...


    If you can answer them properly and correctly, then PLEASE!!!!!! Send them to me at epyon000@hotmail.co.uk

    Need more?

    Why don't you Christians read this perhaps...



    Although there are more than 101....

    Apart from contradictions....what do you call these?


    GOD's stupidity is smarter than all of us?!


    I can go on and on and on...but to make things short, here read the rest of them yourself!



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