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George Forman grill - Does it really cook the meat well while keeping it moist?

I don't trust it but am trying to start cooking in 2007. Any suggestions on things to try and how long to cook?

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    They have good guidelines in the instructions on cooking times. The key is not to overcook things. Everything is ok if well done but that's pushing it. Try to stop before it all the way cooked and let it rest on a plate before you dig in.

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    I use the George Forman grill whenever I cook meat on the grill. It doesn't get all the moistness out if you don't overcook it. It just simply drains what would you have your food drenched in if you cooked it in a pan. It cooks so much faster than on the stove, by atleast 2/3 or half the time. I love the George Forman grill I would suggest it to you.

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    The only thing better than a Forman grill is a bigger Forman grill.

    It can cook frozen chicken to perfection in only 10 minutes (5 on each side)

    It can cook frozen fish to perfection in only 8 minutes (4 on each side)

    I've never had a steak turn out just right on the grill. I avoid using it for steak.

    Just make sure that the meat is layed out flat and thinner than 1 inch when you freeze it. Also, a dry "rub" of spices is better than soaking in a liquid because of grill cleanup.

    Make your salad before you put the meat on the grill. It cooks the meat quickly and you don't want things getting cold before you serve.

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    Just as a joke my friends and I cooked some burgers on the grill, my friend claimed they were "rubbery" , boy was he right we started bouncing those dried burgers off the pan and counter. It is horrible for burgers the only way i can cook a steak is if i keep applying soy sauce and worshcester sause. otherwise it is to dry to eat. Thats how it makes the food "healthy" it cooks out all the grease. For those who don't know grease=taste. But for hot dogs grilled cheese chicken breasts. Excellent route to take but red meat and GF grill probably not the best plan.

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    I've had a George Forman grill, but those t.v ads are not doesn't get it that moist as it looks. It depends on how you cook your meat. You probably have to get some moisture into the meat before cooking. I've always used a turky baster to add some lemon juice and seasoning in it, so it does get moist.

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    We love ours. And it does an excellent job and cooks meat faster than pan grilling. And it does stay moist. Paninis are also good on one of those grills. Just think upscale grilled sandwich.

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    george forman is a pain to clean and mostly a gimic just because its got the little drip tray so the stuff that drips off drips off instead of stays in the bottom of the pan. a non stick fry pan works just as well. just use a little olive oil.

    for things to try with it you can make hamburgers out of your favorite meatloaf recipe or coat some chicken breasts in balsamic vineagar.

    it comes with a cook book that will give you times, etc.

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    I have one and its great. I get skinless chicken breast and cook them. It's really simple. I season it and put it on the grill for about 10 min or so and it's juicy. You can make turkey burgers too. I've only tried cooking meat on it, but I'm sure you can try other things.

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    Yes it does! It usually takes any where from 5 to 20 minutes....Depending on what you cook on it. I've even made steaks on it. When in dobt, take a fork and press in the middle...if blood comes out, not done. Or if still unusure, get a knife, cut in half and see if its cooked. Good Luck. The key to cooking is trial and error and persaverance. Happy Cooking! ;))

  • I hate my GF grill. It dries up the food and takes up a lot of space. My suggestion would be to go to a bookstore and pick the most appealing cook book.

    If you are looking for appliances that you'll get a lot of use out of..try a food processor. It can help you make anything from soup, salsas, salad dressings, to sauces.

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