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Cooking chicken - I want moist tasty chicken. If I cooked it at 250' how LONG should I keep it in oven?

Will it make a difference if chicken breast vs bone in chicken?

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    You need to boost it to 350 degrees. Cook it until it reaches an internal temp of 170 degrees. It will take longer with bone-in.

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    If you do that, it will take too long. Cook at 350', it usually takes an hour for chicken breast, 1hr and 15 to 30 minutes for bone in the chicken....The key is to put it in a pan, have aluminum foil covering the pan....pre heat the oven to 350 and only put the meat in when the oven temperature reads 350....and base the meat (basically you take the liquid that has accumulated and you pour it over the meat with either a spoon or a basser) which you start doing half an hour before the chicken is done, every fifteen minutes. Good Luck and Happy Cooking.

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    Well it depends on how big the chicken is. Is it a whole chicken? Cook it until the internal temp. is 165 degrees at its thickest point, also temp the legs. Hope this helps.

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    never cook chicken at 250...go to 350

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    I get the best results for a moist chicken in the crock pot. Tons of recipes online, just search chicken crock pot will find more than you ever wanted.

  • if you sre cooking boneless 'parts' i have found the best way is to coat it lihgtly in flour-pan-sear in hot oil on both sides and finish ina 350-375 oven -good luck

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    250 is not even hot enough to kill the millions of bacteria and parasites on the chicken.

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    because of elevation differences, just bake it until the juices from it are clear. that tells you the meat is done. and if you want it really moist, then use bone in.

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