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Big Brake Kit?

In your opinion what would be the best big brake kit to put on an 06 honda civic si?

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    If you are doing a show car there are plenty of BBK of there Stoptech, Brembo, Willwood...and quite a few others.

    But if you want just better proformance, just go with better pads, and stainless steel lines, and if you want new rotors, look for two piece rotors. As far as slottedor drilled or both, theres misex opinions, some say slotted, some say both, some say neither. IMO go with blanks for slotted.

    There are no real one is better then all choice either, they all have differant braking proformance levels and differance uses. One thing to take into consideration is tires, they will effect braking alot.

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    You dont need a big brake kit on your Civic Si unless your doing shows or some serious racing on a road course. If your just doing street driving then buy some performance rotors (drilled, slotted) and some performance brake pads.

    But if your bent on buying a big brake kit check out Rotora, Brembo, Wilwood, Stoptech.

    If you want the BEST and you have the MONEY.....Spoon makes a brake kit but its not cheap.

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    Keep the originals and use bendix semi-metalic. honda civic isn't heavy enough to require bigger brakes or ceramics. you're not going to be racing formula one tracks and anything else is just a waste of money.

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